Samsung SV-5000W

The Samsung SV-5000W Worldwide VHS Format VCR enables the play back of any VHS video tape in any format and on any television or monitor.

For example, if you are in the USA, where the video format is NTSC, and you wanted to play back a video tape recorded in the UK PAL video format, on your standard NTSC Television, you can do so with the Samsung SV-5000W Multisystem VCR.

Not only will the Samsung play back any VHS tape in any format on any television, it is also possible to convert a video tape from one format to another using a second video player or camcorder.

For example, if you wanted to convert an NTSC recorded tape into PAL format, you could do so just by connecting the second NTSC VCR or camcorder to the SV-5000W. This facility is particularly useful to be able to duplicate home camcorder footage to send to friends or family abroad.

Maybe you have a PAL format camcorder but live in the USA. How can you play back that footage on your standard NTSC television?. Simply connect the camcorder to the SV-5000W and convert the PAL signal to NTSC.

The Samsung SV-5000W Worldwide VHS Format VCR also includes broadcast tuners for every country in the world except for the French SECAM-L format. Not only can you watch video tapes from around the globe but you can also take this VCR with you overseas and watch and record television broadcasts in the format of whatever country that you are in. The VCR also has built in mains voltage sensing so can be connected to any mains electricity supply from 100v AC to 240v AC 50 or 60 Hz

Key Features

  • Worldwide NTSC, PAL, SECAM
  • Playback on any television or monitor in any country
  • Worldwide tape conversion
  • Worldwide TV tuners (except France SECAM L)
  • 181 Channel TV Tuning Capability
  • Auto sensing power input 100 V-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • 6-Event 1-month timer
  • Diamond Head Long Life Video Head System
  • Jog and shuttle on remote
  • Digital variable speed slow motion, still and frame advance
  • Digital strobe special effect
  • VHS Hi-Fi stereo recording and playback
  • Audio dubbing
  • Front A/V inputs
  • High speed mechanism
  • Skip/scan function
Recording system Rotary head azimuth recording, luminance signal FM recording system.

Chrominance signal down converted phase shift recordingsystem (NTSC, PAL, PAL-M).

Chrominance signal down converted direct recordingsystem (MESECAM).

Chrominance signal 1/4 frequency countdown direct recording system (SECAM).

Colour system NTSC3.58, NTSC4.43, PAL, PAL-M, PAL-N, SECAM
Tuning system B/G, D/K, I, M, N, L
RF out G/I/K/M/L UHF 21-69CH
Tape recording/playback NTSC, PAL, PAL-M, SECAM, MESECAM
Tape speed NTSC 33.35mm/sec (standard recording : SP)
PAL-M 11.12mm/sec (three times recording : SLP)

PAL 23.39mm/sec (standard recording : SP)

MESECAM & SECAM 11.69mm/sec (double speed recording : LP)
Tape format VHS type video tape, S-VHS type video tape (Playback only)
Recording time Maximum 8 hours (with a T-160 tape/E-240)
Rewinding time Within 3 minutes (high speed rewinding, T-120 or E-180 tape)

Video input

1.0Vp-p (unbalanced) 75 ohm
Video Output 1.0Vp-p (unbalanced) 75 ohm
Video s/n Above 43dB (standard recording)
Resolution Above 220 (standard recording NTSC), 240 (standard recording PAL)
Audio input -8dBm, 47 Kohm unbalanced
Audio output -8 ± 3 dBm, 1 Kohm unbalanced
Audio S/N Above 39dB (Mono), 68dB (Hi-Fi)
Audio frequency characteristics 20Hz-20kHz
Rated voltage 100V~240V AC, 100V AC (JAPAN)
Rated frequency 50/60Hz
Power consumption APP. 24 watts on recording; 8 watts off
Operating ambient temperature 41°F-104°F (5°C - 40°C)
Installation conditions Operation position : Horizontal, Relative humidity : Below 80%
Outside dimensions Width 430mm x Length 295mm x Height 98mm
Weight 4.3Kg