Video Tape Conversion - NTSC PAL SECAM

  • Have you have ever had a foreign video tape that wouldn't play on your VCR? 
  • Have you ever wanted to send training or marketing video's to another country?
  • Would you like to send your own recorded video tapes to friends or family abroad?

Using Broadcast Quality Digital Video Converters and Recording equipment we can transfer your tapes to the correct format for the country concerned.

We offer a Discreet, Confidential and Worldwide Video Tape Conversion Service between NTSC PAL SECAM video formats at a Quality, Price and Speed that you will find hard to beat.

So, I hear you ask, what exactly is Video Tape Conversion. Our Video Conversion Explained page will take some of the mystery out of the subject.

Rather than have video tapes converted from one standard to another, it is possible to be able to view those tapes in a country where they would not normally be able to be played back. Our Multi System VCR page explains what equipment is required and where it can be purchased from.

If you are wondering about the different video standards used in countries around the world, the Worldwide Standards Chart has all the details. We have also listed the Mains Voltage and Frequency for each country together with the DVD Region that each country falls into.

Even Videotapes bought in different countries can vary. A two hour VHS tape bought in the US is not the same as a two hour VHS tape bought in Europe. Why? - take a look at our Videotape Comparison Chart and all will be revealed.

How much do we charge for this wonderful Video Conversion service? Not as much as you may think. How can you order that Video Tape Conversion? Check out our Price List and How To Order page.