How Streaming Media is Changing the Internet

Streaming video has the potential of being one of the most useful Internet technologies. Currently the most practical use of internet streaming media is Video On Demand or VOD which allows viewers to access streaming video files from their web browser, but the potential uses of streaming video include interactive virtual classrooms and even remote surgery.

Two way video conferencing is already a reality and we can see examples of it in instant messaging systems such as MSN Messenger. The quality of this type of video streaming is quite low where the video image may be choppy and of low resolution, but useful enough to transfer live images over thousands of miles.

Better quality two way video conferencing requires the use of dedicated servers with relatively low bandwidth overhead. This type of system is useful for business conferencing and allows participants to attend virtual meetings even when they are separated by great distances.

The ultimate in video streaming, but not yet a reality, is the ability for surgeons to operate on patients from remote locations. This would require extremely high bandwidths that would allow doctors to remotely control surgical equipment while receiving continuous visual, auditory and instrument feedback.

The current state of the technology allows doctors to remotely consult with each other and with patients. This has proved a great benefit to medical facilities in sparsely populated areas. Medical personnel get immediate feedback about emergency conditions they are otherwise unable to treat. This saves the time and expense of transporting the patient to an urban center for treatment.

Video On Demand Overview

However, as mentioned above, the biggest application of streaming video is Video On Demand or VOD. Video files are placed on a web server that can be accessed by anyone with a computer and Internet connection.

This can be very useful for schools and universities as it allows teachers to archive classroom material. Videotaped lectures can be accessed at any time and they can be supplemented with additional multimedia or text materials. Universities which specialize in distance learning rely on this type of video streaming.

VOD is useful for any large organization to distribute learning materials. Educational videos are effective because they can be used to illustrate concepts and procedures which might otherwise be confusing. Viewers have the ability to pause, rewind and review video materials until they have a firm grasp on the material being presented. For these reasons, educational videos are sometimes more effective than classroom instruction, and video streaming gives virtually unlimited access to this kind of educational material.

Of course, there are many other types of streaming videos besides educational videos. Anything that can be videotaped can be stored on a web server and made available on the Internet or a private intranet. This includes entertainment videos as well as business meetings, speeches or 'virtual tours' which allow viewers to see the layout of a particular location.

Live video streaming can also be used to monitor remote locations. This is similar to surveillance cameras except that streaming technology does not require the use of closed circuits. This means that the video can be viewed from virtually anywhere in the world where there is an Internet connection.

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