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  • What is Streaming Video - One of the big advantages of advancing Internet technology is the ability to have multimedia content delivered right to our homes. Click a button and you can ...
  • How Streaming Media Works - Streaming video is possible thanks to a set of streaming protocols. Unlike protocols designed for other types of digital data, streaming protocols prioritize data packets
  • What is Video On Demand - VOD - There are two basic types of Streaming Video which are live webcasts and video on demand or VOD. Due to current technical restraints, Webcasts are ...
  • How Streaming Media is Changing the Internet - Streaming video has the potential of being one of the most useful Internet technologies. Currently the most practical use of streaming media ...
  • How to Watch Streaming Video with a Computer - There are five major file types used for streaming video online. They all offer similar video quality, but differ in their popularity with end users ...
  • Streaming Video Compression - Image Compression for Streaming Video - Since video compression works by discarding parts of the video image, the more compression that is used the worse the ...
  • How to Create Streaming Video - How to Record Streaming Media - In order to create streaming video, several pieces of specialized hardware are required, but the cost is not prohibitive. Basic ...
  • How to Capture Streaming Video - Streaming Video Capture Software requirements are quite simple as the basic needs are a video editing program and an encoder to save the video in a ...
  • Record Streaming Media to Computer - Unless you are using existing video footage, the first step is actually recording your video. Recording Streaming Video has special requirements so ...
  • Once your streaming video production has been shoot, the next stage is video editing. Part of the streaming video editing process involves optimizing the video to keep the video image as still ...
  • Streaming Video Media Player - After the video has been encoded and saved in an appropriate video streaming format it can be uploaded to a server where it will be accessible to ...
  • Streaming Video Webcasting - Internet TV Broadcast - Live Internet video broadcasting is sometimes called webcasting and allows almost anyone to host their own Internet TV station ...
  • Streaming Live Internet TV - Thanks to streaming video technology, anyone can produce live streaming TV video from the comfort of their own home. All that is needed is a computer, a ...
  • Streaming Video Email sounds like a great idea. Instead of having to read a typed message, recipients can watch a video which is a far better solution for presenting visual materials.
  • Streaming Media Content - Streaming Video Content Sources - Most people use a webcam or camcorder as the primary source for their streaming video, but there are many other possible content ...
  • Streaming Video Copyright - Copyright and Internet Use - Any kind of video material can be made into a streaming video. This might tempt some to use video footage which does not belong to them ...
  • SMIL - Video SMIL - SMIL Players - Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language is a new way of presenting video on the internet. It allows text, video, music, images and graphics to be ...
  • Streaming Video Web Hosting - Video Streaming Hosting - A streaming video server can deliver media content more efficiently than HTTP servers, but are usually more expensive. They must ...
  • Google Video Hosting - Free Video Streaming Host - The best part is that Google Video is a free streaming video host. All that is needed to take advantage of this service is a Google uploading ...
  • A teleconference call is a tremendous option for companies that have to communicate efficiently with their employees in various locations and even with customers who are not in the immediate locality
  • The cost savings from eliminating fuel and travel expenses makes teleconferencing services a very attractive proposition even when taking into account the small fee they charge.
  • Among the main benefits of video teleconferencing are the savings that can be made by not having to send key personnel on costly business trips. Virtual video meetings can be convened instead
  • Advantages of International Conference Calls. Among the benefits of international conference calls is that people can interact and get a better feel for people who are working toward the same goals.
  • The history of video conferencing started as early as 1964 when visitors to the World’s Fair in New York were witness to a new contraption called the Picturephone. The idea of joining voice ...
  • Video Conferencing Advantages - Video conferencing allows a number of people to communicate in real time, no matter where they are located. Using audio and video transmissions, the ...
  • Benefits of Video Conferencing - Video conferencing brings all of the elements together to create an experience that is to date, the closest way to be with another person without actually being ...
  • Real Time Video Conferencing - Live video streaming requires more resources than streaming archived video files. That makes live video conferencing or broadcasting more expensive than ...
  • What is Web Video Conferencing - There are many ways to set up live web based video conferencing. It can be as simple as an inexpensive webcam on an individual computer or as complex ...
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