Benefits of Video Conferencing

Although video conferencing is still seen as being in its infancy, it is nevertheless becoming more and more popular with many companies and businesses coming to realise it's tremendous advantages. There are a number of reasons why video conferencing is catching on more than ever before.

For a start, internet broadband access is becoming more and more affordable and although not absolutely essential for the purposes of video conferencing, it nevertheless makes the whole experience more effective. Broadband internet connection, which includes cable, T1s and DSL, is becoming more and more desirable not only in the business world but also in homes. Recent surveys in the US reported that broadband internet access in the business world had reached eighty five percent while in the home, the figure had reached sixty percent.

Web cameras are another reason why video conferencing is becoming more popular. Clear video images are an important aspect of video conferencing in order for it to be successful. With the cost of web cameras falling, video conferencing is becoming more cost effective not only for business users but also for regular people to use in the comfort of their own homes. Web cameras can be purchased from as little as ten dollars up to as much as hundreds.

The productivity of many companies is greatly improved by way of video conferencing. Some of the advantages in relation to work practices go far beyond the money that is saved when travel is not required. A lot of valuable time is saved when you can sit in your own office and conduct a meeting rather than jet off around the globe to make a presentation or meet with colleagues in another city. When the video conference is over, you can carry on with business matters without wasting valuable time having to travel anywhere.

Education is another field where video conferencing is making a big impact. Whether it be elementary school, middle school, high school or continuing education video conferencing brings a whole new element of learning into the classroom. Early indications show that students are reveling in the experience of learning course material in a new and innovative way. Students are able to gain knowledge from experts in a given field via video conferencing while also getting the chance to learn about cultural differences. Many video conferences held in schools encourage the active participation of students in the learning process and there is often plenty of opportunity for questions and answers.

With the rising costs of business travel, many companies need to economize and cut costs wherever they can. Consequently, anything that can bring businesses from the other side of the country, state or globe right into their own office has got to be excellent news. Many objectives can be met through the use of video conferencing including meetings, presentations, interviews and an opportunity to meet with established or prospective clients.

The reality aspect of video conferencing is another reason it is attracting more and more attention and thus a wider audience. Email was an exciting concept when it first came on the scene. Then the ability to chat online added another interesting development to online communications. However, video conferencing brings all of the elements of computer and electronic technology together to create an experience that is to date, the closest way to be with another person without actually being there in the physical sense.

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