TV Satellite Sky Angel Network

It would appear that these days, increasingly more of the programs which are shown on the popular cable network tv channels and satellite television networks continues to become more seedy and sleazy, pushing the boundaries of both decency and morality. Consequently, there are a growing number of folks seeking family friendly options for their home entertainment. The TV satellite Sky Angel network is becoming a preferred service amongst families simply because they provide good, clean entertainment.

The Sky Angel network is committed to providing families with entertainment programming which reinforces family values. They offer far more faith-based and family-oriented programming than every other home dish network, all designed to be enjoyable as well as inspiring to their viewing customers. Their programming packages also include several educational and news channels, as well as the faith-based channels and the programming that center around the interests of youngsters.

These days there are in excess of sixty five diverse programming channels within the TV satellite Sky Angel network broadcasting lineup, that provides the majority of households with a wonderful choice of tv shows to watch and enjoy. The aspect that parents value the most is that every one of the channels has useful content and they do not have to worry about their kids coming in contact with programs which are simply not suitable for them to watch.

Dominion Video Satellite Inc. that owns and operates the Sky Angel TV satellite dish network, has been focused on offering Christian programming since 1981, when the company was initially launched. The Sky Angel network utilizes the DISH Network TV satellite dish antenna and dish network satellite receiver equipment, effectively piggybacking on the infrastructure as well as having the ability to draw on the extensive resources of DISHNetwork, which is the biggest mainstream home dish network in America.

The Sky Angel satellite service offers a great choice of Religious news broadcasts along with Christian chat shows, which not surprisingly, provide information and open up a forum for discussions from the viewpoint of Christian beliefs and life styles. Among the popular Christian shows which can be seen on the Sky Angel home dish network are:

  • The 700 Club with Pat Robertson
  • This is Your Day with Benny Hinn
  • Hal Lindsey's talk show
  • Christian World News from CBN
  • Promise Keepers

as well as a good many others.

Sky Angel satellite programming also features several channels with a multitude of shows that are specifically geared towards children and teenagers. Examples of the most popular programs within this group are

  • TVU Music Television (an alternative to MTV)
  • KTV-Kids
  • Teen Television

In addition there are several teen Christian radio stations which transmit over Sky Angel along with His Kids Radio, which is the only radio network that provides services specifically to children in the united states.

More recently, the TV satellite Sky Angel network began featuring a brand new service which allows their clients the choice of receiving their programming through their online dish network rather than via the satellite dish antenna. The internet programming service is known as IPTV, and the IPTV box receives the programming from the web and feeds the shows to the television. This IPTV box is extremely versatile as well as portable and you are able to take it along with you while travelling. Provided that you can hook up to a high-speed internet service, you will continue to have access to everything.