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  • Choosing a home satellite TV service is the ideal solution if you want the best programs to watch and a choice of hundreds of channels that are available through a satellite tv dish
  • Over the last decade, it is estimated that some thirty million cable TV customers have switched to a cable satellite TV service after having cut off their cable service
  • There are several high definition channels on satellite tv that you can watch depending on the TV service package you have. Many of the base channels have HD versions as well
  • In order to watch high definition channels on a TV that is HD ready, an HD receiver is going to be required to make the picture on your television crisp and sharp
  • A TV satellite dish is a type of parabolic antenna that transmits signals to and from a satellite. In order to receive satellite tv programming, you will need one of these antenna fitted to your home
  • Direct TV satellite services offer more programming options, as well as better quality. In addition, they provide this at a lower cost than those old fashioned, hard wired cable TV companies
  • Direct TV satellite TV offer a number of packages from which to choose. Depending on the satellite TV services you opt for, will determine the number of channels that can be received
  • When choosing a Dish Network Satellite TV receiver, there is a choice between standard receivers, HD receivers or HD receivers with a built in Digital Video Recording or DVR
  • Amongst the various Dish Network software components you should familarize yourself with are Turbo HD and digital video recording aka DVR
  • The two main players in the US satellite TV market are directv dish service and dishnetwork. Both are continually trying to lure new customers with specials on satellite tv packages
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