DirecTV Dish Service vs DishNetwork

For those folks who live in the United States and have an interest in getting a satellite television system to deliver their entertainment and news programming to them, will quickly find out that there are two big players in that industry. These two giants in the satellite dish field are DishNetwork and DirecTV.

Both companies have become so well known that their names are almost synonymous with the TV satellite service itself. Although DishNetwork has held the lead position in this industry for a while, the DirecTV dish company has been keeping things extremely competitive.

Nonetheless, it should be borne in mind that DishNetwork and DirecTV are not the only kids on the block in this very competitive field, which is growing and expanding at a quick pace and is continually luring customers to dish network satellite services and away from cable companies.

One of the other home dish network service providers is the Sky Angel system, which is gaining market share among consumers who want to have a broader range of family orientated programming and who do not want much of the mainstream entertainment to be brought into their homes.

Both the DishNetwork company and the DirecTV dish company are engaged in offering dish network specials on a more or less non-stop basis as they compete head to head to increase market share. From a customer point of view, having all of this direct competition in the industry is actually good news, as they become the true winners in the battle between these two giants.

Time and again, both DishNetwork and DirecTV will offer special promotions and the new customers frequently finish up receiving free dish services for a month, free satellite dish equipment, a free dish network satellite receiver, and occasionally even special HDTV programming prices during a trial period. When setting up a new home dish service with these companies there is also the potential to receive special expanded programming packages at a lower price, or one to three months of premium programming channels.

This is fantastic for consumers who are just getting familiar with all that satellite TV services have to offer, as they can sample the full programming options during this time without having to pay extra. At the same time, the satellite television companies know that by offering these dish network deals on programming, the customers frequently get "hooked" on the extra channels and then are willing to pay for an upgraded programming package or will subscribe to the premium channels.

Although DishNetwork has been in the lead position in the United States for several years, the DirecTV network is gaining ground in the Latin American market. DirecTV is actually made up of four different operational units, which include the DirecTV Latin America unit, the PanAmSat unit, the Hughes Network Systems unit or HNS as well as the DirecTV US unit.

In terms of numbers, there are more than twelve million DirecTV dish network customers throughout the fifty states, with an additional one and a half million DirecTV customers located in the various Latin American countries.

Additionally, through their fleet of satellites operated under their PanAmSat division, they operate twenty-five orbiting satellites that continuously circle the earth and could handle an impressive ninety eight percent of all satellite communications currently in demand throughout the world.