Guide to XM Satellite Radio Products

You can put an XM satellite radio in your vehicle, in your office or in your home. Whether you prefer silver, black or even pink, there is an attractive, futuristic-looking satellite radio XM for you. If you are one of the eight million subscribers, you will love the easy to read LCD display, sleek designs, custom backlight colors and easy installation.

For your car, the Commander MT XM satellite radio gives you a bright four-line display, a stocks / sports ticker, the "Tune Select" function which finds your favorite artists or songs, 30 channel presets and installs right into your vehicle for $179 (plus installation).

Other similar options include: the Sportscaster (for the ultimate sports fans) or the Audiovox XpressEZ (for just $70)! The Audiovox XpressEZ is perfect for the first-time XM satellite radio buyer, offering just the basic necessities - room to program in 10 of your favorite channels, a bright three-line display of artist, track and station, a car cradle, cigarette power adapter, vent clip and antenna. There are many optional accessories available to make this a multi-functional unit that can be removed and used with the XM Radio Home Kit or Boombox audio system as well.

For versatile usage, the Delphi XM Roady XT is the smallest and lightest XM satellite radio available in the plug-and-play variety. For $170, you'll get all the installation options: a vehicle cradle, cigarette adaptor, swivel dashboard mount and cassette-audio adapter, along with an antenna for maximum reception. While it's not included, you can also purchase the Roady XT Home Kit if you decide to take your unit indoors.

For home use, try the $250 Polk Audio XRt12 XM Reference Tuner, which allows 20 presets, channel display on your television screen and audio hook up through your pre-existing surround sound stereo system. XM satellite radio gives you classy designs, versatility and allows you to select your mood from over 130 channels.

The selection of radio receivers is much larger than that of its competitor, Sirius radio. While the two companies are startlingly similar and are expected to merge within the next year, the antsy consumer will be happy to know there are many sales going on right now through the manufacturer's websites in an effort to generate bigger sales. Even if the merger occurs, your receivers and service will still be valid.