What are the Best Sirius Satellite Radios

The future of radio is here! Sirius Satellite Radios are taking the world by storm. With over 130 channels of music, commercial-free and borderless CD-quality listening, it's easy to see why 12 million Americans have already subscribed!

Sirius Satellite Radios were originally designed for use in your vehicle. These are subscribers who are frequently stuck in bumper to bumper traffic at 5pm every day. Some of them drive large semis or delivery trucks for their jobs. Others need a 24/7 dosage of Bruce Springsteen or Howard Stern's humorous programming to help them make it through their road trip, however long it may be.

The XACT Visor Sirius satellite radios, costing just $49.99, mount onto your visor or dashboard for easy access. The one-line sixteen character display is easily discernable in a quick glance while driving. There are 36 channel presets for fast searching, a remote control and a lighter adapter.

The Sirius One Radio is usually offered at $49.99 as well, but sometimes you can catch an online sale through the Sirius website for as low as $20! Many people like the high-contrast display with vivid turquoise writing, the built-in wireless FM transmitter and the four different mounting options with no professional installation required.

The In-V Sirius satellite radios are just $34, and need to be installed professionally. There are 10 radio presets and three-line display on the vivid orange face -- and an optional remote available.

For buses and public transport vehicles, you can get a hidden Sirius radio that will provide you with all the stations and none of the vulnerability that can come with the detachable units. The "SiriusConnect" units are available from $79 to $299.

Then there are a myriad of units that can be easily unplugged for both car and home usage. The Starmate 3 moves between home, car and boombox docks with ease. Priced at just $69.99, these versatile Sirius radios offer five-line display on orange faces, game alerts for sports fans, artist or song seek options, 30 channel presets and a slim vehicle docking cradle.

Similarly, the Stratus dock-and-play Sirius radio can move from car to home use without complex installation. It lacks some of the fancier features of the Starmate 3 and offers just 10 presets instead of 30 for around $40.

The Streamer Replay and Streamer GTR Sirius satellite radios come in brilliant blue display faces, with 30 channel presets, Game Alert, Game Zone favorite teams list, rewind and replay capability for up to 44 minutes of programming and six line display. Generally, these sell for around $120 full price, but the Sirius website frequently runs promotions where you can get the Streamer Replay kit for as little as $20!

Good news, sports fans! The new Sirius Sportster 4 is out for $119, which is designed with a "Sirius playback" function to pause, rewind and listen to the last play or 44 minutes of the game. "MyGameZone" lists all your favorite teams in one category. You can set alerts so you never miss your favorite games or shows. You also can remove and use this dock at home.

Some people prefer to purchase their Sirius Satellite Radios at an actual store like Circuit City or Best Buy, especially if they will need installation. However, the satellite radio receiver can feature an easy-to-figure-out mounting unit, so it may be more advantageous for you to look online at Sirius com and snag the latest offer. You can check your local ads for special deals but be sure to cross-reference it with the Sirius site because sometimes you can find $120 radios for just $20!