Listening to Sirius and XM On Portable Satellite Radio

Portable satellite radio is the latest music trend, combining your MP3 collection with the ability to hear new music via Sirius Radio or XM Radio. You will find that many of the portable radios are unique, sleek and more functional than an iPod. Many people like the versatility of a portable satellite radio since they can use it in the home, office or car, with minimal installation requirements.

Sirius offers four different models of a portable satellite radio: the Stiletto 1, Stiletto 2, Stiletto 10, and S50. Prices range from $129 to $300 and offer 256 MB of storage up to 2 GB. The colors are sleek black or black/silver and generally the designs are as thin as the iPod.

While there are slight differences in how many hours of music they hold, you'll generally get about 100 hours of radio programming saved and 50 hours of MP3s uploaded. Customized game alerts can be delivered right to your phone and you can bookmark your favorite songs just by touching the heart-shaped button on your control dial.

If you're thinking about XM Radio, there are some amazing options. The $249 Pink Pioneer Inno offers: 50 hours of storage, sports and news tickers, one touch recording, artist and tune select features, MP3 storage and play. While girls may prefer the Pink Pioneer, guys can get excited about the gray Pioneer Inno or the Samsung Helix, which has all the same features. Both of the Innos can also play audio books as well! The Nexus has a little less storage space and lacks the bells and whistles (like sports and news updates), but it will get the job done for $129 full price or $70 on sale. Your Nexus will come complete with a mini-tuner, home stand and antenna, power adapter, RC cable, USB cable, rechargeable battery, earbuds, Napster CD, belt clip and remote.

Be aware that portable satellite radio may not necessarily have the high quality reception of other XM Sirius satellite radios on the market. You may want to purchase an additional antenna to get the best service when you're traveling in the car with your portable player. Also, you can buy extra batteries for around $30 and leather holsters for $20 to keep your player from scratching or breaking.