What is Spyware and Adware
Spyware Adware Removal Protection Guide

As well as being an annoyance, badly programmed adware and spyware can interfere with other programs and can even cause your computer system to become unstable. Issues of Privacy also come into play as well. This type of software is usually installed without a user's consent and many times cannot be uninstalled without special tools. When distributors use tricks and deceit to install uninvited software, trust is destroyed. Instead of having to use a Spyware Remover or Remove Adware as a last resort, you can and should take steps to protect yourself from the threat.

The first line of defense against adware and spyware is to be cautious when installing software. Understand what is being downloaded and also where you are downloading from. A lot of so called freeware and shareware programs have spyware embedded in them, which is not always disclosed.

Before downloading any new software, look for guarantees that it is adware and spyware free. Even so, be on your guard. For instance, the file sharing program Kazaa has been claiming to be spyware free for years but anyone who installs this software soon has an chance to test this claim.

How can you tell if you have adware or spyware on your system? You may see pop up advertisements even when you are not browsing the web. Your browser home page may have been changed without your knowledge. New toolbars may appear on your browser which you did not install. Your computer may be very slow or unexplainably reboot on its own. although, the last effect is most often a virus.

If you find that your computer system bogged down with adware or spyware, don't give up hope. There are some spyware remover utilities specifically designed to remove adware and from your computer. They rely on regularly updated databases which hold signature files of all known adware and spyware. The program will scan all of the files on your hard drive and alert you if anything untoward is discovered.

Many of these spyware remover utilities are free, although sometimes the paid versions have more automation features such as remove adware on receipt rather than requiring a manual scan. None will find every piece of spyware on your computer system, since they rely on a database which has to be populated according to someone's judgment. And, one man's spyware is sometimes another's welcomed advertiser.

You may find that even with a spyware remover utilty, some spyware is next to impossible to remove. Alterations to system settings and the installation of files in different places makes the job of detection and removal very difficult. Sometimes it is only possible to remove this type of spyware manually.

To remove adware from your computer is a skilled job and should only be performed by users who know what they are doing as the deletion of the wrong files can potentially damage your programs and even your operating system.

One spyware remover utility that can be of big assistance in your quest to remove difficult spyware is called Trend Micro HijackThis. This utility creates a list of files which may have been altered by spyware. The list is very comprehensive and also includes system files and files installed by legitimate software, so be very careful when using it.

Although HijackThis was not initially designed to be a spyware remover tool, it can be used to great effect in locating persistent and hard to remove spyware. It requires a good knowledge of various system settings and you must be extra careful when changing them. Making the wrong setting can quite easily disable your computer system. However, there is a community of HijackThis experts on the Internet that are more than willing to give free advice about suspicious entries.

Once your system is spyware free help keep it that way. Some spyware remover software used to remove adware also includes additional utilities that will protect your computer in real time. Similar to virus scanners, they monitor for any changes to your system files and alert you of any suspicious activity that is detected.