You have probably, at one time or another, fallen into a stereotype. Men are accused of always needing the latest technology and owning the biggest television within their group of friends. Women are accused of always wanting to shop. Neither one are always true. Women like a good television as much as a man does. Not every man has to have a huge television set dominating their living area. The best 42 plasma TV may be big enough to suit everyone.

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Believe it or not, the history of flat screen TV started way back in 1964 by scientists at the University of Illinois. They were the first ones to discover plasma technology. They wanted a different flat screen monitor that had a better picture quality. Monitors at that time were just television sets used with the main computer with a picture that was not very good. Just think about the huge innovations that have occurred in flat screen tv since that time.

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A video camera that can also take pictures and capture DVD footage is ideal for most families and businesses these days, so if you are looking for a way to make sure that all your special moments can be caught on tape or DVD, you will want to check out the best rated digital camcorders from your favorite electronics companies.

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Satellite radio is quickly surpassing its traditional competitors. Why is it eclipsing regular radio stations? Because it goes where the listeners go. If you are browsing the internet in search of a satellite radio service for the US and Canada, then you need only check two websites: Sirius com and These two giants are your only options and yet you will notice striking similarities between the product pricing and the programmer’s stations.

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One of the major players in the surround sound game is the Dolby Digital technology that is used by many of the new systems. When we go to the theater, they often advertise that the movie we are about to see is being broadcast with “Dolby Digital Surround Sound.” No doubt, this is supposed to impress the moviegoers and home theater system purchasers. But does anybody actually know what Dolby Digital technology is or what it consists of? There are many variations within Dolby Digital technology, but the basic idea remains the same throughout the variations.

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