Napster Ringtones - Napster Mobile Service

It looks like Napster is trying to infiltrate every area of your life. Now, with their new service, Napster Mobile, you will be able to get Napster on the go, and not just on your digital music player, but right on your mobile cell phone. With Napster Mobile, you can browse their extensive digital music catalog, purchase songs, and download them directly into your mobile cell phone. Napster Mobile makes it easy to find everything you need for a complete digital music experience in one convenient location.

You can browse over two million songs on Napster, plus choose from dozens of ringtones, wallpapers, and other nifty accessories for your mobile cell phone. On top of that, every song that you purchase and download onto your cell phone is also automatically sent to your PC, so you can keep listening to your favorite songs on both your mobile cell phone and on your computer’s digital music library.

Although using Napster Mobile is similar to subscribing to services such as Napster To Go or even Napster Light, there are several important differences. For one, the process of actually purchasing songs from Napster and transferring to your mobile cell phone may be different depending on the service provider that you have.

Many mobile cell phone providers allow you to purchase songs from Napster, download them directly onto your cell phone, and then give you the option of sending a copy to your PC via your Napster email. However, other providers may not allow you all of these options or the process of purchasing and downloading music may vary.

For instance, some mobile cell providers will let you purchase a song from the Napster site, send a copy to your computer hard drive, and then you can download the song from your PC onto your mobile. Other service providers will only let you purchase songs from Napster and download them to your mobile without giving you the option of sending a copy to your PC.

How you purchase and download digital music files from Napster really depends on which mobile cell phone service provider you have. It is therefore important that you check all of the restrictions and information when you choose a mobile cell phone service provider to go with your Napster Mobile service. To find a list of all the mobile cell phones that are fully compatible with the Napster Mobile service, check out the list on the Napster website.

If the idea of carrying around your digital music collection on your mobile cell phone sounds at all appealing, you may be ready to try Napster Mobile.

How to sign up for Napster Mobile

In some cases, you may not have to do much at all to initialise the Napster Mobile service.

If you already have a service provider that offers you the opportunity to download MP3 files onto your mobile cell phone, you may be able to use Napster Mobile without even having to register for the service.

However, if you would eventually like to access the songs you purchase for Napster Mobile on your PC, then you may have to register with Napster.

Fortunately, Napster has made the process of registering for their mobile service quick and easy. The only thing you need to do to register for Napster Mobile and access all the songs that you have purchased is to come up with a unique username, a password, and a working email address.