Napster Gift Cards - Napster Download Cards

Napster gift cards are essentially prepaid cards that allow users to purchase digital music files from the impressive and extensive Napster library. Before you get started using these cards, you will first need to download the appropriate software from the Napster website. The software is quite easy and intuitive to install and all that you need to do is follow the directions and let the software do its job.

Once the free software has been successfully downloaded onto your computer, go to the Napster site and click on the Redeem button under the Cards and Code section and enter your Napster Card or Promo Code number. Once you have entered the number, go ahead and start up the Napster software.

The subscription months of Napster should automatically be updated and you should be credited with the number of subscription months that you purchased via your Napster card.

If you purchased a card and filled it with a specific monetary amount, this amount should automatically be reflected when you open the Napster software program. Buying a Napster card and putting a specific monetary account on it allows you to purchase individual songs a la carte-style from the vast Napster digital music library.

If you are already a Napster member, the process of using Napster cards is just a little different than logging onto the site as a non subscripting Napster user.

For current Napster subscribers, simply sign into Napster as normal and go to the My Account section and then Account Status. Locate the field entitled Napster Card Number or Promo Code and enter the number or promotion code that is located on your Napster Card. You should then automatically see that your subscription months or monetary amount have been credited to your account.

There has been some confusion about whether Napster cards have an expiration date. Many Napster cards do indeed contain fine print that say something to the effect that the card will expire in approximately one year from the date of purchase.

The good people at Napster assure users that if the residents of CA, CT, HI, LA, MA, ME, MT, ND, NH, NJ, OH, OK, RI, VT, or WA have purchased a Napster card that says it will expire in about one year from the date of purchase, this small print can actually be ignored. Napster emphasizes that the card will not expire in one year. Rather, most Napster cards will continue to hold all their value until the card is actually redeemed on the Napster site.

Where can you purchase Napster cards? Napster cards are available at many locations across the country. You can find Napster gift cards at many grocery stores, gas stations, retail stores, and you can order them online if you wish. Napster cards make excellent gifts for all of your favorite music fans. They are easy to give, and easy to use.