MP3 Player Cases - Ipod Protective Cases

Out of all MP3 player accessories, perhaps the most basic is a protective case for your player. Cases will protect the player from scratches and other damage, which can prove to be a worthwhile investment since they can extend the life of your MP3 player. The cases can also add a decorative feature. The Apple iPod, for example, is only available in black or white so cases are available in every color under the sun which allows your iPod to stand out from the crowd.

There is a great selection of both custom and generic cases available. Because of the runaway success of the iPod, the largest choice of custom cases is for this type of MP3 player, but there are also custom cases for the Zen Micro, Sony portable players, iRiver and most of the other major brands.

Custom cases are made to fit a certain model of MP3 player, and offer the best protection and function. They are also designed so that all of the controls are accessible and the player can be operated without taking it out of the case.

Generic cases are designed for a wide range of MP3 players, so can be a good choice if you cannot get a customized case. Generic cases may also have special features such as arm bands or pockets for your earbuds.

The problem with generic cases is that the controls of the MP3 player are normally not accessible unless you take the player from the case. Is this a big deal? If you use your player as a set-and-go device, this will not be a problem at all. But if you like to adjust every song, the lack of access to the controls can be a annoyance.

For greater protection, some cases are totally sealed and are waterproof down to a specified water depth. Although it is not a good idea to take your MP3 player for a swim, this kind of case offers lots of protection against rain. Sealed cases also offer protection from dust and dirt - essential if you take your MP3 player to the beach.

Cases can be made of aluminum or plastic, or a combination of materials to protect them from water. Cases that are made out of silicone allow the controls to be manipulated through the case, but offer less protection from impact than hard cases.

Although cases are normally quite reasonable in price, they also have a fashion element, and like most fashion statements, the sky is the limit when it comes to cost. If you have around $5000 to spare, why not go for a diamond encrusted case for your iPod!

It is best if you can try out a case with your MP3 player before buying it. This gives you a feel for the way the case fits and how you can control the player when it is in the case. If the case has an armband or other adjustable strap, make sure it fits properly.

You have probably laid down between $100 - $300 for your MP3 player, so you want to get the most use out of it as possible. An case is the best way to prolong the life of your player, and is also a nice means of making a fashion statement. Indeed, a case for your MP3 player is one of those must have accessories.

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