MP3 Player Battery - MP3 Player Rechargeable Battery

The majority of people who purchase a portable audio player do so mainly because it is that - portable. Being able to go anywhere you like and still be able to listen to your favourite music is one of the big attractions of MP3 Players. However, that portability is very dependant on battery life so it a good idea to check the MP3 player battery specifications before buying

The manufacturers specifications for MP3 Players normally give an indication of the total playing time on a fully charged battery. The figure quoted is normally the number of hours that the MP3 player will play continuously. Depending on the actual model of player, this figure can vary from 10 hours up to 35 hours.

When looking at manufacturer's specifications, you should bear in mind that the figures quoted represent the total playing times under optimum conditions .

For instance, if the manufacturer rates their MP3 player at 20 hours total playing time, this probably means 20 hours of continuous playing without stopping and starting the player, which uses more power. It probably also assumes that no extra features like screen displays are being used.

Some of the audio formats use more power than others. For instance, the least processor intensive audio format is MP3 encoded at 128 bits per second. However, if you have a lot of music in WMA format with Digital Rights Management or DRM, they need far more processing power for playback, which in turn means that more battery power is being used.

Additional things that consume extra power include audio processing such as equalization, high volume levels, photo display and videos. Out of all the MP3 Player facilities, video will reduce the battery charge the most.

Audio players with hard drives tend to consume more battery power than those players with flash memory. The more that you use the hard drive, the higher the power consumption. If you are constantly browsing your directories and looking at photos while listening to music, your battery will not last as long.

MP3 Player Rechargeable Battery

Like most battery powered equipment, rechargeable batteries are the best option for powering MP3 players. Many MP3 players use lithium-ion batteries which are good for about 500 recharges before needing to be replaced. If your player uses AAA or AA type batteries, the best type is NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) . These comparatively low-cost batteries will keep your MP3 player running longer than any other standard type of battery.

Of course, if you are using rechargeable batteries in your MP3 player, some means of charging those batteries in the form of a battery charger is required. Although some players allow you to charge the battery by plugging it into the USB port of a computer, it is more convenient to have a separate charger with an extra battery pack. This will allow you to keep your MP3 player up and running at all times.

It is not a necessity to run your MP3 player with batteries as it can be plugged into the mains outlet via an AC adapter or powered directly from your computer USB port. Some people use their portable players as part of their home stereo system, so a mains AC adapter would be the perfect power source in this kind situation.

If you like to listen to your MP3 player in the car, then a 12 volt adapter that plugs into the cigarette lighter is ideal.

Choosing an appropriate power source for your MP3 player is an important part of your purchase, so carefully consider how and where you are going to listen to music.

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