MP3 Player Headphones - MP3 Player Earbuds - Speakers for MP3 Players

The recent trend of portable audio players has brought with it an entire sub industry of MP3 player accessories. No matter what breed of MP3 player you have, there is likely to be all manner of additional extras available to you - some which are useful, and some that are not.

As the number one in the field of portable audio players, the Apple iPod has the greatest number of available accessories. Some of these are manufactured by Apple, but the majority are supplied by after market companies.

MP3 Earbuds

Almost every MP3 manufacturer supplies an adequate, but far from ideal, set of MP3 player headphones known as earbuds. As their name implies, these tiny devices are worn in the ear, but since all ears are not created equal, there is no way that one set of earbuds will suit everyone.

Comfort is a big factor with MP3 earbuds. If they are not comfortable you will hate using them. Sound quality is another biggy. The earbuds that are supplied with your MP3 player may sound OK, but try out a better set and let your ears go 'WOW!'

So, the first accessory you should consider for your new MP3 player is a good set of earbuds.

For comfort, look for earbuds that are made from a soft, expandable foam. These will fit snugly and adapt to any shape of ear. A snug fit will also extend bass response.

As for sound, the general rule is that more money will give you better sound. Run of the mill MP3 earbuds will cost between $25 and $50, with high end models starting at $100. You can spend more than $300 for a superb set of MP3 earbuds that will satisfy the most demanding audiophile.

If you are uncomfortable with earbuds sitting in your ear, you can get a set of MP3 Player Headphones. These are slightly impractical for portable use because they can easily slip off your head if you bend down or go jogging, but for commuting or at home use they are a good alternative.

MP3 Speakers

For those that want to use their portable audio player in the home, there are speaker systems available. Simply by plugging the MP3 player into the built in docking unit, you can share your music with friends and family. Alternatively, there are portable MP3 speakers available which are lightweight and operate on batteries so they can be used anywhere. However, these tiny speakers often have a less than ideal quality of sound.

In order to extend the speaker system into a full-blown home entertainment system, accessories are available which add FM stereo, cassette decks, CD players or even record players. If your MP3 player is also capable of video playback, then you may be able to connect it directly to your television for viewing on a larger screen.

MP3 speakers require a lot more power than earbuds or MP3 player headphones so if you are going to use them a lot be sure to have replacement batteries on hand. Depending on the model, portable speakers can fold up into a tiny package for carrying. The largest portable speakers transform your MP3 player into a mini boombox sized package - light enough and small enough for most locations.

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