Editing MP3 Files - MP3 Editing Software

One of the big advantages of digital audio is the ease by which it can be edited. Unwanted noises such as pops and scratches can be automatically removed, the volume can be increased or decreased, tracks can be rearranged and audio material can be inserted or deleted. Some of this editing falls into the domain of special effects, but a lot of it is very useful for the average listener. For instance, wouldn't it be nice to have all of your music collection play at the same relative level rather than having to adjust the volume for each track' And if you have MP3 files that were converted from an analog source such as cassette or record, the sound can be improved to near CD-quality.

There may be some MP3 files in your music collection for which you no longer have the original source. If these MP3 files are defective in any way you have three basic choices - put up with the imperfections, delete them or edit them to improve the sound.

MP3 Editing Software

MP3 editing requires MP3 editing software. There is a whole range of MP3 editing software available from professional to consumer levels. There are a number of freeware titles, but these tend to be restricted in their editing capabilities. Commercial software especially designed for ripping, converting and editing audio is available at a reasonable price.

If there are problems with MP3 files which you have ripped yourself, the solution is simple - go back and rip it again. Problem MP3 files from other sources can often be salvaged with MP3 editing software.

For instance, if the MP3 abruptly cuts off before the end of the tune, editing software can be used to fade out the ending. Sure, you are missing some of the song but a fade is better than a sudden cut before the end of the music track.

Another problem with some MP3 files is digital noise that sounds like cats squealing. A number commercial programs possess special filters to remove this kind of noise automatically. Simply set the level of noise reduction and the entire file is cleaned up in a matter of seconds.

Automatic noise reduction is also available for audio which came from analog sources such as records and cassettes. Pops, scratches and tape hiss can easily be removed.

One of the most irritating things about MP3s is their varying volume level. This is especially noticeable if you are listening to MP3s from a variety of sources. You may have to adjust the volume for every song.

Fortunately, your complete music collection can be 'normalized'. Normalization works by making loud tracks softer and soft tracks louder so that on the whole, they average out. A complete folder full of audio files can be normalized at the same time, or you can be more selective, choosing tracks which make up a particular playlist.

Normalization can also work on single tracks by making soft sections louder and loud sections softer. Normalization is such a common procedure that it is included in virtually every audio ripping program - freeware and commercial.

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