Apple iPod Shuffle - iPod Shuffle Review

The Apple iPod shuffle is the smallest iPod in the current lineup of iPod models. It is a flash memory MP3 player available in either 512 MB or 1 GB sizes. Unlike the iPod 5G or the iPod nano, the iPod shuffle has no display. Instead it relies on the iPod shuffle function to play songs in random order. If desired, songs can also be played according to a playlist, but this play list has to be built on the computer and transferred to the shuffle.

Because there is no display, the iPod shuffle is tiny - about the size of a pack of chewing gum. Despite the size, the 1 GB shuffle has enough storage space for 240 songs.

On one end of the iPod shuffle is a USB connector covered with a cap. The shuffle plugs directly into the USB port of your computer for transferring songs and recharging the battery. The iTunes software has a special function for the shuffle called auto fill. Every time you plug the shuffle into your computer, it will fill with a new selection of songs.

The iPod shuffle can also be used as a data storage device for any kind of computer data. This is a handy function when you need to transfer large files from one computer to another.

The click wheel found on other iPod models has been replaced with a circular control pad. The buttons allow you to play or pause the current song, scroll through the song list and adjust the volume. There are also controls for turning the player on and off and checking the battery level.

Thanks to this pared down design, the iPod shuffle makes an ideal MP3 player for workouts or other vigorous activity. It is extremely light weight and there are no moving parts so the audio will never skip as do hard drive MP3 players.

The idea for the iPod shuffle was reportedly inspired by the fact that many iPod users always use the random play function. This iPod will certainly appeal to that crowd, but the lack of display means that you cannot build play lists on the fly or pick and choose songs.

No display also means no features like clock or stop watch, but it seems there is a need for a straightforward MP3 player that does just that - play music. Today the iPod shuffle is one of the most popular MP3 players on the market.

Part of that popularity is the stylish design. With its elegant lines and plain white casing the shuffle is suitable for wearing as an ornament around the neck - possibly with the lanyard which is included with the unit.

Another big factor in the popularity of the iPod shuffle is the audio quality which is absolutely superb. It offers near CD quality sound with low noise and distortion specs. To get the most out of the iPod shuffle, though, you should replace the ear buds. They are adequate for the job but that is all. If you are interested in hearing what kind of sound the shuffle is really capable of, get yourself a good set of third party ear buds.

Have no doubts - despite the relatively low price tag, this is a true iPod, and has the features and sound to prove it.

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