Apple iPod 5G - iPod 5G Review

The Apple iPod 5G is sometimes termed the iPod Fifth Generation even though the term generation is not usually applied to electronic gadgets. However, in the case of the iPod 5G, the word is fitting. This popular MP3 player has been evolving continuously since its introduction in 2001, with each new model expanding and adding to previous capabilities.

The current model of iPod is the 5th generation, and has added video playback to its audio functions. There are also two other players in the current iPod series - the nano and the shuffle.

The iPod 5G is available with either a 30 GB or 60 GB hard drive. It has a 2.5 inch display screen which is used for viewing photos, cover art and videos at a maximum resolution of 480 x 480 pixels. The display is also essential for navigating the contents of the hard drive and for accessing the various functions of the iPod .

It's fair to say that the iPod is first and foremost a portable music device with other functions added on - so let's take a look at how it handles audio. The supported audio formats are MP3, WAV, AAC, AIFF and Apple Lossless. These choices give users a good selection of files to work with, though formats such as Ogg Vorbis have not been integrated.

The AAC format is used for songs which are downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store. This online service allows iPod users to buy individual songs or albums and download them to their computer and then transfer them to the iPod . The AAC format allows music files to be protected from unrestricted copying and distribution ? a major concern of the music industry.

The iPod 60 GB hard drive has a capacity of 15,000 songs in 128 kbps AAC format. This format is near CD quality and is acceptable to the majority of listeners. Who would want 15,000 songs in a portable music device? Well, probably no one, so the hard drive space can also be used to store images and videos. But more about that later.

iPod 5G Audio Quality

The iPod consistently ranks high on the list of portable music devices. It boasts impressive specifications (20 Hz-20 kHz ?0 .5 dB) that translates into real-world quality. One of the main reasons for the iPod's runaway popularity is its great sound.

Unfortunately, to be able to appreciate the great sound of the iPod 5G, a good set of ear buds or earphones are required and the buds that come with the iPod are not the best quality in the world. The bass response is next to non existent and generally the sound is somewhat flat when compared to better quality buds. Your first stop after buying an iPod should be to check out better ear buds or earphones.

The new buzzword in portable entertainment devices is video, and the iPod delivers - so much so that the 5G iPod is sometimes called the 'video iPod' .

The storage capacity for video is up to 150 hours for the 60 GB model. Compared with dedicated portable video players the iPod screen is on the small side, but adequate for viewing previously recorded TV shows.

The iPod 5G has external connections so that the video can be viewed on a TV set, but the small resolution of the video files (320 x 240 pixels) produces a low-quality image on a large TV screen.

In conclusion, this is a great audio player that packs style and function. The video is a nice added touch, but if video is your main interest (as opposed to music), you would be better off with a Portable Video Player.

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