How Does Napster Work

Chances are that whatever you want, you will be able to find it on Napster. Napster likes to boast that it is the pioneer and leader in the digital music revolution, and that they have the best and most extensive digital song catalog on the web. With over two million digital song files stored in their music catalog, they might well be on to something. Napster has perhaps the most impressive song catalog of all the digital music services on the internet.

Even though these numbers are constantly in flux, and the people over at the Apple iTunes Music Store might tell you otherwise, for now it appears that Napster holds the most impressive record collection on the block.

It is evident that Napster represents a true music lover’s paradise. The site seeks to encompass almost every music genre you can think of. All the big music categories are represented including rock, pop, hip hop, R&B, classical, country, easy listening, Latin and so on.

But these genres can only give you the slightest hint of all that you will find on the Napster site. Fortunately, Napster has made sure to provide you with many easy ways to find your favorite music on the site.

The new Napster is a streamlined affair that is clean, well arranged, and gives you fast access to all the new releases, as well as a bevy of personal recommendations. To find what’s new and hot, click on the new releases tab. To take a peek at what the editors are listening to, check out the editor created play lists on Napster.

One of the more fun aspects of being on Napster is the feature that allows you to sneak a peek at fellow Napster users’ personal play lists. This is a fun and easy way to see what other people are listening to. You can get a lot of free music reviews this way, too.

Napster makes it fun to explore all of the music genres and styles on the site through one of its newest features called the Narchive. Think of it as a graffiti wall created for and by music fanatics. On the Narchive, users can leave music notes, thoughts and reviews using music encyclopedia wiki tags. The Narchive is a veritable feast for thought for music fans.

Another cool Napster feature that lets you explore the many music genres and styles represented in the Napster digital music catalog are Napster links. These are essentially web url's that allow Napster users to embed songs on the Napster web pages, or other social networking pages. When registered Napster users click on the Napster links, they can listen to that song for free online. This is a good way in which users can share their favorite songs with fellow Napster users.

Of course, you can also choose to explore the Napster genres and styles the good old fashioned way by conducting a Napster search. You can conduct a search simply by entering in an artist’s name, album, or the name of a song track. You can also search just in your own Napster song library or other users libraries.

The smartly designed Napster interface also allows you to search for songs in other easy ways. For instance, you can use the drop down menu at the top of the main page to search through all of the Billboard charts that are a part of the impressive Napster digital music song catalog. Or you can even choose to do a search of independent label content. And of course, you can choose to browse by genre.