MP3 to Audio CD Converter - MP3 to CD Audio File Converter

If you have been collecting MP3 Files for any length of time, you have more than likely built up quite a large collection. You can of course store them on your computer hard drive but a more convenient method of storage is to use an MP3 to audio CD converter. Converting MP3 files to audio CD is a relatively simple process as most CD burning software can do the conversion for you automatically. You just need to build up your playlist of MP3 music and burn the CD.

The MP3 files need to be converted into Compact Disc Audio or CDA files prior to burning to CD. Most CD burning software such as Nero will carry out the conversion process for you but you can take more control of the process if you wish. For instance, Nero has a simple audio editor that allows you to split files and apply filters such as noise reduction, equalization or stereo widening.

If your particular CD burning software does not have these features, you can still process the MP3 files before burning the CD but you will you need some form dedicated audio editing software of which there are plenty of freeware and commercial titles available.

When preparing MP3 files for burning to CD, one of the most useful editing functions is to 'normalize' all of the files. Normalization evens out volume differences between different tracks so that the whole CD will play at the same relative level. After you have finished editing your MP3 files, save them as WAV files so that they can be burned to CD.

You will most likely be burning your MP3 files to a Compact Disc Recordable or CD-R disc.. Most modern CD players will play this type of CD, but there is a chance that some older CD players may not be able to play CD-R.

Converting MP3 to audio CD is not a necessity as MP3 can be burned straight to CD in it's native format. This has the advantage of storing more music on one CD, maybe 100 songs instead of 10. MP3 CDs can be played in a computer CD-ROM, and many standard CD and DVD players can also play MP3.

The principal problem with MP3 CDs is that with so many songs on one disc it can be difficult to locate a specific piece of music. If you are playing them on a non portable CD player, that player may not even have a display.

One solution is to play them on a DVD player connected to a home theater system. DVD players can normally play MP3 CDs and can even display their contents on the TV screen. One slight drawback is that the filenames may be restricted to eight characters, so thought must be given about how to organize your MP3 files before you burn them to a CD.

The best advice is to separate the music into separate folders with one folder for each artist. Care must be taken when naming the MP3 files - the filename should start with the name of the song rather than the artist, otherwise all of the file names may be displayed exactly the same.

Software designed for editing ID3 tags can rename MP3 files by any criteria. In this case, merely check the option that gives you the song title at the beginning of the filename, and your entire music collection can be renamed within seconds.

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