Worlds Largest Plasma Television

Panasonic, one of the most reputable and top manufacturers of television sets, announced they will sell the worlds largest plasma television set available on the market today. The television is a great investment for people who want to maintain the clear picture of plasma but still have big screens.

At one hundred and three inches, this flat screen option is currently the largest plasma television available. It has a SRP of $69,999.95 and is expected to be available for delivery in time for Christmas 2006

Those who enjoy the realistic life like view that a larger screen affords, will be willing to pay for the bigger screen. There are also those people who simply like to have the newest and biggest home theater systems available so they can impress friends and family.

Whatever the reason for purchasing the world's largest plasma television set, you will surely be pleased with the results. The largest plasma television screen comes with high definition technology capability which will allow for an even more life like experience when viewing television.

Panasonic TH-103PZ600U 103-Inch Diagonal Plasma TV

Worlds Largest Plasma Television
Panasonic 103 Inch TH-103PZ600U

When watching movies or sporting events you can feel like you are right there in the action. This is an exciting way to watch television and will greatly enhance the experience.

There are other manufacturers that produced large screen plasma television sets. Both LG and Samsung produced a one hundred and two inch screen but with Panasonic's one hundred and three, they were out classed and Panasonic takes the prize for the largest plasma television screen to date.

The development of this television is impressive but the question arises as to how long this television will remain the largest plasma television on the market. Other manufacturers are getting in on the big screen bandwagon because of the rise in popularity of big screen televisions.

Consumers these days are going for bigger screens more than ever. They are popular and manufacturers want their piece of the market share. While many people do not need a television that is that big, other close sizes are just as attractive and gives the same realistic feel to television viewing.

The largest plasma television has a rather expensive SRP price tag of $69,999.95 which will likely be well above the average consumer's price point and ability to afford. But we have seen technology evolve and know that as it develops, cheaper methods of production will drive the cost down considerably. These savings in production will translate to savings for the consumer as well.

So, while there may be people who want to immediately buy the biggest, it is advisable to wait to give the market a chance to drive the price down.

Panasonic has developed the largest plasma television set available on the market today. At one hundred three inches, it is sure to satisfy the needs of people who like the biggest and newest technology available.