Panasonic VIERA TC-P65S1 Plasma HDTV Review

For consumers searching for a real in home cinema experience, the Panasonic VIERA TC-P65S1 plasma HDTV may just be the top set on the market. With this model, you might consider that picture quality is everything and there is no doubt that it is amongst the best available. Nonetheless, the extras will excite many television buffs as well.

Native contrast ratio of 40000:1 that corresponds to two million to one dynamic contrast guarantees that you get the absolute top of the line in this area. Blacks are truly black, entirely devoid of any whitish overtones. Whites lack even a suggestion of gray or murkiness. This is the very definition of a sharp picture.

Attributable to Panasonic's superb plasma technology there is never a problem with burn-in, off-angle viewing, motion blur, or any other aspect. Imperceptible tiny pixel movements ensure that you will never be annoyed by image retention. Plasmas are recognized for excellent off-angle attributes, allowing you to watch from the kitchen or anywhere else for that matter. As a result of 600Hz sub-field technology, motion blur is imperceptible, even in fast sports action.

The innovative NEO PDP glass also guarantees that you have none of the irritating glare that can show on lesser models. The company’s leading AR Filter complements that. Locate the unit close to an open window and wait for the reflections to wash out half your picture. You will be waiting until dark since you will not see it.

Panasonic VIERA TC-P65S1 Plasma HDTV

Blu-ray aficionados will be particularly impressed. The majority of current sets do a very good job of reproducing even regular up scaled DVD. The TC-P65S1 offers you full 1080p native reproduction that is astoundingly clear and sharp. Every single whisker is easily visible on the villain's face in close up.

Although the extras available on other Viera models are first-class, here, they are nothing short of outstanding. For instance, the Viera Image Viewer is the same technology on, say, the 32 inch TC-L32C12. Nevertheless, if you have a number of fine photographs taken with a high-end digital camera, they are unlikely to look better than on this 65-inch plasma.

Gamers seldom get to play on such a large unit. Those fortunate enough to crank up games on the TC-P65S1 are in for a very new level of experience. The unit offers a Game Mode that optimizes the picture for just those types of moving images. Dark areas on computer games provide awesome detail on this TV. Anti-retention technology eradicates wobbling, so there is never any worry about burn-in from leaving the menu up for a long time.

There are several connectors to accommodate your every requirement. Unlike various other new models, S-video is still onboard here. There are both analog and digital audio out ports, together with three HDMI slots. Moreover, thanks to Viera Link, you can connect all your HDMI-enabled devices via HDMI cables and operate them from a single remote control.

A word of advice though, when considering the Panasonic VIERA S1 Series TC-P65S1. Due to the large size, the majority of vendors will not accept a return unless the unit is faulty or damaged. Pay the delivery guys a couple of bucks to stay long enough to unbox and switch on the unit. Once you have an image, you can rest assured the set is working. After that, take it easy and enjoy some of the best TV viewing possible today.