Panasonic VIERA X1 TC-P42X1 Plasma HDTV Review

If you restricted the majority of folks to viewing just the display screen, very few of them would be able to differentiate whether they were watching an LCD or a plasma. The Panasonic VIERA X1 Series TC-P42X1 may just be an exception. This unit provides such rich, deep blacks that it would be difficult to mistake for anything else.

LCD screens certainly offer a superior picture. However, with the exception of the high end, it is possible to detect a difference in particular scenes when it concerns reproduction of dark areas and other aspects. Even in comparatively light scenes, those darks furnish the desired contrast to make the image appear lifelike and colors to appear realistic. The 42-inch TC-P42X1 really does the technology proud in this area.

Even more impressive is how Panasonic has accomplished that while offering a set in the $500-$999 range. The promise of plasma technology at the modest cost of a mid-level rear projection set has at long last arrived, and with enthusiasm.

Fortunately, sacrificing quality has not attained that modest cost. The same 600Hz sub-field drive utilized in high-end models is present in the TC-P42X1. Blur is non-existent and the native contrast ratio of 30000:1 guarantees that you get a rich visual experience across every type of scene.

Panasonic VIERA X1 TC-P42X1 Plasma HDTV

Unlike some plasma televisions, viewers will also be grateful that the delightful picture is still incredibly good in a brightly lit room. For those who watch sports, films, or any other type of material on a sunny afternoon, the TC-P42X1 continues to deliver high contrast and faithful color scenes. Leave the lights on in the evening while you enjoy dinner and a film and you still get a splendid picture. Moreover, as a result of plasma's superior off-angle viewing capability, you can sit anywhere and see just what those in the middle see.

One attribute may give buyers pause for thought is the 720p resolution. It certainly does not sound as impressive as the full 1080p available on the majority of models nowadays. With the exception of the price difference, few will ever notice, though. Attach a Blu-ray player and you may be surprised that even a 720p television can produce a shocking blue sky, skin that shows every pore, and superb definition overall.

The audio system is similarly in the satisfactory to excellent range. The onboard loudspeakers will not match a high-end stereo or home entertainment system. On the other hand, only true audiophiles will be dissatisfied. For those who desire the best audio possible it is not difficult to connect the TC-P42X1. Sporting three HDMI slots and an SD card slot, you have several hook-up spaces.

For such a modestly priced set, there are several nice extras, as well. This Viera lacks the web cast feature of higher-end offerings, but the Image Viewer allows you to show photographs from an SD card. Furthermore, courtesy of the Viera Link feature, the remote control works with a Panasonic DVD player/recorder, a Blu-ray player, and the home theater sound system, in addition to an HD camcorder.

Check up on the Panasonic VIERA X1 Series TC-P42X1 and prove to yourself how it is possible to get so much for so little.