Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C12 LCD HDTV Review

Bring up the subject of HDTV nowadays and the majority of consumers will typically envision 46 inches, 52 inch or even bigger screen sizes. The Panasonic VIERA C12 Series TC-L32C12 LCD HDTV might only measure a humble 32 inches, but it is evidence that great things can come in smaller packages. Furthermore, it is not simply the low price you will love either.

Those old enough to recall the time when 32 inches was as big as you could get, even in a CRT, will not find it difficult to believe, though. For those who require more verification, just check out the picture on the TC-L32C12.

The contrast rating is on the low end of HDTV’s offered nowadays, an unimpressive specification of 10000:1 by the standard of the best available. Nevertheless, that level is more than adequate to deliver excellent blacks along with crisp whites. Moreover, at a cost several thousand dollars less than the so-called best available, that is a very reasonable trade-off.

The 720p resolution also will not make anybody rave until they actually see this set. Blu-ray and several additional sources allow you enjoy full 1080p images. However, it is still true that the overwhelming amount of source material is lower resolution, which means that the TV is translating anyway.

Panasonic VIERA TC-L32C12 LCD HDTV

With a set that actually matches the broadcast signal there is no translation required. An up scaling DVD player, for instance, will pre-convert DVD signals into 720p. That specialized circuitry does a first-class job and test results show that receiving a signal that matches the TV's natural rating does produce a clearer picture.

As a result of Panasonic's excellent LCD technology, you will never see motion blur on the TC-L32C12 during fast sports action, either. Gamers will enjoy battles, car chases, and more.

Extras that many folks will appreciate include the company's proprietary Viera Link. This permits consumers to hook up the likes of a Sony DVD player to the Panasonic TV and not need to worry about re-programming through the remote control. One menu selection and you are done. One remote for both devices.

The PC input that allows the 32" TC-L32C12 to be used as a computer monitor is also a convenient feature. Digital camera images never looked so good. There are ten assorted resolution choices, so adjusting the unit to your desired setting is a doddle.

For those who would like to view photos stored on an SD card, it is even easier. Simply slip the card into the slot in the TV and use Viera Image Viewer.

Two inbuilt 20W full-range speakers afford excellent surround sound right out of the box. For those who want the best audio possible, it is no effort to use one of the onboard analog or digital connectors to hook up a stereo or home entertainment system, though. The Viera Link feature lets you operate that home theatre system right from the supplied remote control.

For those who want the absolute best picture along with all the bells and whistles available today, a higher end model is necessary. Nevertheless, for an entry-level LCD, which is ideal for those folks replacing an analog model, the Panasonic VIERA C12 Series TC-L32C12 may well be the perfect option.