Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL65W5100 Review

Folks who are considering a large high definition television set which still offers exceptional performance, could do a lot worse than check out the Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL65W5100.

Unsurprisingly, the sixty-five inch screen will be the initial appeal but sheer size by itself will not create viewer excitement since quality is essential. Fortunately, the full HD 1920 x 1080p panel provides more than simply larger pictures. That image resolution, when fed by the proper source, can offer a fantastic visual experience on this model. Anybody that recalls sitting in the front row at a movie theater will know the feeling.

Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL65W5100For an LCD, the Sony KDL65W5100 65 Bravia offers an unusually wide viewing angle, as well, at a full 178 degrees. Sit anywhere and you see the very same clear, sharp picture as the person smack bang in the center. Include 8ms response rate and 500 cd/m2 (candles per square meter) brightness and you really are well en route to a great picture. Finish it off with 50000:1 dynamic contrast to get truly dark blacks and you are now looking at pictures much better than a movie theater.

One reason hiding behind the scenes is the well-reputed Bravia Engine, an exceptional video-enhancement processor that effortlessly manages noise reduction, color optimization plus much more. It collaborates with a Digital Reality Creation function, which is able to upscale Standard Definition source material to significantly enhance it by quadrupling the number of pixels.

The 24P True Cinema technology encodes native film-rate images to precisely match that common standard. The end result is the removal of any required video conversion. Tests clearly show that it does offer a clearer image free of judder. MotionFlow along with a one hundred and twenty Hertz refresh rate complete the package to produce sharp, blur-free pictures even with high-speed sporting activities or action scenes, whether from television programming, DVDs, or games.

In addition to the great panel, the BRAVIA W-Series KDL65W5100 features extras in abundance.

For a start, there are three high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) slots for the easiest possible plug-in of peripheral devices. Irrespective of whether you hook up a Blu-ray player, a digital camcorder, or other HDMI-enabled device, you are certain to get the very best possible pictures using this method. Hook up your Sony PlayStation 3 and revel in video games at a completely new level.

A USB port allows you to insert a thumbdrive and check out your digital photographs on a huge screen. Alternatively, you can listen to MP3 via the KDL65W5100's audio system. Hook up your home entertainment set up and enhance the audio even more.

Widgets allow you to get a lot more from your entertainment center, which is quickly turning into a total information center, as well. Get the current ticker value on your favorite investment, the most up-to-date weather details, and much more.

With Bravia Internet Video you can view a plethora of web-based material just as easily as you would on your computer. Check out YouTube videos like you have never viewed them before. Access Amazon Video on Demand and access a huge selection of high definition movies with ease. Choose from a selection of numerous Sports Illustrated clips, listen to Sony Music, or pick material from twenty additional providers.

The Sony BRAVIA W-Series KDL65W5100 does sell at a premium price but when you take into account the superior picture along with the numerous extras, it truly seems like a steal.