Sony BRAVIA V-Series KDL55V5100 Review

The new Sony BRAVIA series has a whole lot more going for it than the company's vaunted promotional machine and the V-Series KDL55V5100 is amongst the clearest demonstrations of that. With a large screen higher definition TV it is possible to become overwhelmed by the sheer size. Ultimately, though, it really is quality, which is important, regardless of what the promotional hype claims. The 55 inch KDL55V5100 delivers on that score, and more.

The 50000:1 dynamic contrast ratio makes certain that you will enjoy true blacks without the milky, washed out grays associated with inferior technology. Furthermore, thanks to TruMotion 120 Hz technology, those images will not only be detailed but also razor-sharp without the traditional LCD blurring on high-speed motion.

Sony BRAVIA V-Series KDL55V5100 55 inch LCD HDTVThe Bravia Engine 2 digital video processor is at the heart of this unit ensuring that you get exceptional details in every type of scenery. That is combined to something Sony calls MotionFlow, circuitry that helps smooth images and create a judder-free picture from any sort of content including film on DVD, over the air movies, and even prime-time programs.

Movie lovers will certainly appreciate the Sony 24P True Cinema feature. It removes any need to convert film material from twenty-four frames per second, so that you get the most original look possible. Hook up a Blu-ray player and you will end up enjoying films that look much better than the view in any movie theater you have ever experienced.

The quality of sound is every bit as impressive. Currently, no consumer television can offer the audio quality available on your high-end stereo or home entertainment system. Nevertheless, the built-in ten-watt loudspeakers located in the front do offer very clear, true audio thanks in no small part to Sony's exclusive SRS TruSurround XT technology.

If you want to hook up that Home Theater setup or perhaps the stereo system, you will find an abundance of connections. In case you have the need or desire, the KDL55V5100 also features a Composite Video input. There are three high definition multimedia interface (HDMI) slots on the back as well as another on the side for a Blu-ray player, a Ps3 gaming console, or other HDMI-enabled devices. Furthermore, there is an optical digital audio interface for the audiophile.

Computer users who would like to hook up to their TV will appreciate the 15-pin VGA port. Exactly why manufacturers have never gotten around to including a DVI slot is something of a mystery, but the Sony model is not any different in that respect. There is also a high-speed USB port making watching your high quality digital camera photographs on a huge screen a breeze.

For a set, which will cost you a mid level price, you will enjoy truly high-end features with the Sony BRAVIA V-Series KDL55V5100.