Sharp HDTV - Sharp HDTV Reviews

Sharp Electronics does not offer plasma HDTV models, but in the LCD arena they have one of the most extensive lines available. Everything from the 26 inch LC-26D6U to the largest LCD panel currently available, the 65 inch LC-65D90U, are offered in the Aquos line.

Even at the lower end of the Sharp HDTV range the specifications are impressive. And unlike some manufacturers, Sharp puts out detailed and honest comparison specs for all of their models. The 37 inch LC-DB5U, for example, offers a 1366 x 768 resolution, with a contrast ratio of 800:1. They go on to list a dynamic contrast ratio of 4000:1.

The larger number is often used in ads and on websites to suggest a very high contrast, deep black capable picture, but the lower number gives a more realistic idea. Those two qualities make a significant difference when viewing one screen versus another. Lower contrast ratios give a kind of washed out appearance familiar to users of LCD computer monitors.

Larger models in the Sharp HDTV range, such as the 45 inch LC-45GD7U come with 'full-HD' 1920 x 1080 resolution and 170 degree viewing angles. Response times on all models are under 12ms, so motion blur is not an issue. Older LCD sets showed significant blur for sports and active game displays. That is less common now, though shoppers should test for this when considering a set.

The largest model, the 65 inch LC-65D90U, sports a 1200:1 contrast ratio and 6ms response time, which is stellar in such a large screen. The system provides 1920 x 1080, with full 1080p support for an excellent picture.

The system comes equipped with the increasingly popular CableCard. The card, which plugs into a slot in the back, can eliminate the need for an external cable box. But beware of that word 'can'. Not all functions are supported and not all cable companies can use them. Check with your area's provider.

Of course, at a mere $15,000 and up you will want to get one for the kid's room, too. Naturally, at that low price you will have to pay for shipping if you buy online.

Speakers across the line are the now common 10 watts and each model provides two for Dolby stereo reproduction. Fortunately for audiophiles, the sets offer a range of ports, including an optical digital output, audio, etc so that a hi end stereo system or home theatre arrangement can easily be integrated.