Samsung PN50B650 Plasma HDTV Review

There is no getting away from the fact that many folks are well and truly in love with plasma televisions. Although LCDs offer equally great images across the majority of models, there is no denying that a good plasma is a thing of pure beauty to view. The good news is, all of the issues with plasma TV’s of the past, such as burned-in images, sluggish response times, and high cost are definitely history. Present day plasma televisions are, in a word, amazing. Take for instance the Samsung PN50B650 Plasma HDTV.

At the end of the day, the majority of viewers that avoided studying the specifications or promotional materials would never realize what type of technology was on the inside. However, what these folks would see with this Samsung is an exceptional picture inside a modern design that offers a multitude of good to have addons.

Whenever the room lighting is low, blacks on a superior plasma model such as the PN50B650 are simply unequalled. Color saturation is equally outstanding. Even at typical room lighting, the picture is incredible. Merely saying that this is a Full High Definition (1920 x 1080p) unit does not begin to convey just how vibrant and better than real the images actually are on this set. For that, you just need to look at one and when you do, you may not want to check out anything less.

Samsung PN50B650 50 inch Plasma HDTV

Sports enthusiasts will particularly value the 600Hz panel that minimizes blur to the virtually impossible to detect, ever range. That problem has typically been one where plasma outshone LCD anyhow and today the point is totally moot. Burn in, also known as image retention, is equally something of the past, because of pixel motion technology along with other features.

Innovative picture settings expand an already rich set of features over previous models. There are five individual color temperature presets and the finicky can make use of a customized white balance menu. Three levels of noise reduction allow you to select your favorite, or else you can choose the automatic setting. The seven-position gamma control is a lot more than even fine-tuners will probably make use of. The ability to fine-tune shadow detail can make viewing vintage movies an even more satisfying experience than normal.

Folks that do more than simply hitting the power switch will likely find playing with the four different aspect ratios provided an alluring attraction. Two of them enable viewers to shift the whole picture horizontally and vertically to various positions.

Consumers who like to make use of their HDTV for more than simply watching TV broadcasts or movies will also benefit from the various extras offered with the PN50B650. This model brings ever nearer that long ago announced objective of making the television the entertainment and information center of the home.

The Yahoo Widgets offered do not come anywhere close to the wide range or sophistication available on the Internet, at least not yet. Nevertheless, a stock ticker, weather widget, Flickr Photos, Poker, and more are a great start. Twitter users will be pleased that they can be truly connected even whilst viewing a film.

The rear panel fits that central hub concept with three HDMI ports, a couple of component video inputs, a VGA PC connection, and one RF for cable or satellite hook-up. Additionally there is an Ethernet port, along with connections for analog stereo and optical digital audio. The side panel features yet another HDMI slot, as well as two USB ports and an AV port for composite video.

Overall, you would be hard pressed to find a better plasma model at this affordable online price.