Samsung LN52B750 LCD HDTV Review

While the name of the 52 inch Samsung LN52B750 LCD HDTV, might not roll gracefully off the tongue, you will certainly have no difficulty witnessing just how superior this high definition TV is from amongst some of the company's recent products. This particular model is unquestionably upscale, although it does not have anywhere near the price tag of the top end plasma televisions. However, it has pretty much the same high quality.

Black levels are ultra black and colors are incredibly accurate. When watching, even in a well-lit room, you will still get a vibrant, high-contrast visual experience.

The menu system is every bit as superior with large and easy to read text, set against a translucent backdrop, which covers pretty much the whole screen. For folks that would like to alter gamma, white balance, shadow detail, plus much more there is more than enough here to keep even the most finicky occupied for quite some time.

Navigating the options does not demand that you possess a degree in computer skills, either. The actual wording is user-friendly and the options straightforward to get to.

Samsung LN52B750 52 inch LCD HDTV

The handy remote control is completely functional and user friendly. Gone is the revolving scroll wheel associated with previous models which was not just slow, but awkward as well. Game enthusiasts may have liked using it but it was less than perfect for everybody else. Here, the control keys are large as well as backlit, and the different shapes mean you will quickly master what is what simply by touch. That is particularly useful for operating the unit if the lighting is low.

Amongst the more significant enhancements in this new model is the 240Hz refresh rate, which is twice the norm. Folks knowledgeable about the way flicker and blur can affect a computer monitor will notice the significance straight away. However, anybody that actually views this HDTV will appreciate it equally as much.

Viewers are now able to view high-speed sporting action and never worry about any type of ghosting, even on a subliminal level. The sharpest eyes will be unable to notice anything but crystal clear, smooth video. That process is helped by Samsung's proprietary Auto Motion Plus dejudder processing which can even be adjusted via a customized setting.

The LN52B750 now offers Yahoo Widgets although for many, these might be used once and never again. However, this will likely change as more are added. Even now, folks interested in having an on screen stock ticker, news or weather together with sports information will likely make use of them frequently. Twitter enthusiasts can also get tweets on their television.

There are additional interactive options, which may possibly be more interesting to the majority of people. Showing photographs is a breeze and streaming video has become a lot easier. Playing music from DLNA-certified devices is supported by way of a network connection. Furthermore, attaching a USB thumb drive is a literal snap and hooking up an MP3 player is every bit as easy.

Integrated content such as recipes, games, exercise guides, and much more bring the television ever nearer to becoming that once promised nirvana of serving as the home digital entertainment and information hub. The content is nowhere close to the degree of complexity available on the Internet but, as a concept, it is coming that much closer to fruition.