Samsung LN26B360 LCD HDTV Review

High definition TV models nowadays are typically in the forty-six inch or larger range. However, that is not always, what you need in every scenario. An additional set for your child's bedroom or perhaps a system to go in your home office may just be the thing. However, you may not have space for one of the larger models so popular these days. Enter the Samsung LN26B360 LCD HDTV.

Not least amongst some great benefits of this more compact model is the smaller cost. Current upscale LCD HDTV’s can very easily hover in the $3,000 range. It really is wonderful then, when you just need that second unit, to fork out just a few hundred.

At this reduced form factor and cost, you will sacrifice several of the options that come with their larger relatives. Included in Samsung's 3 Series, the LN26B360 features just 720p (1366 x 768) resolution, as distinguished from the Full HD (1920 x 1080p) of such models as the 55" UN55B8000. However, these lesser figures still place it well within the high definition specs.

Response time is considerably slower, as well. The LN26B360 clocks in at 8ms, less than the outstanding 2ms of the considerably more costly unit. However, aside from high-speed sporting events scenes, you are probably not going to see a lot of difference under typical viewing conditions. Even there, the difference will likely be negligible.

Samsung LN26B360 26 inch LCD HDTV

Part of the reason why is the fact that even these smaller sized models still deliver excellent picture quality overall. Black levels are deep along with colors, which are vibrant and natural looking. The 2009 3 Series models have improved on the previously great contrast ratio of the 2008 units. Wide Color Enhancer 2 technology helps maintain color saturation at delightful levels.

You will find fewer HDMI inputs, although the one this particular model does provide is sufficient if you choose to plug in a Blu-ray player. Moreover, thanks to built-in stereo loudspeakers along with SRS TruSurround, you will still get HD audio. That allows you to enjoy 5:1 audio over two speakers. You can also make use of the additional connectors for an up scaling DVD player as well as hook up a home entertainment system if you really want perfect audio.

This size HDTV is also ideal for video gaming, a functionality at which the LN26B360 excels. Connect your Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, or Playstation and you will get extremely realistic play with excellent motion features along with exceptional audio. Mom and dad will be grateful for the Headset connection, as well, in order to keep that sound private.

There are similar models in the 3 Series which vary in size from 19" up to 32". The 15000:1 contrast ratio on the 19" and 22" positions this particular model well above the typical LCD computer display. The even greater 30000:1 for the bigger models makes this a true television, even though it is not the impressive 150000:1 on the Samsung UN55B8000.

Film or sports enthusiasts who would like to get the best possible screen will not likely consider the Samsung LN26B360 as their main set. However, for a second model, even they would be hard pressed to do better. Moreover, for anybody wanting to upgrade an older non-digital set, this may well be the only set they need.