Plasma Television - Plasma TV Lifespan

Since the introduction of plasma television back in 1999, the hot topic of conversation has been Plasma TV lifespan. Whilst it is true that early plasma screens proved to have a limited lifespan due to excessive heat, plasma technology has advanced to the point that longevity is very much on a par with tube and LCD screens.

Consequently, consumers now have no need to worry about Plasma TV lifespan as that is now a thing of the past. Manufacturers of Plasma screens are now quoting life-spans of some 60.000 hours which is equivalent to nearly seven years of continuous viewing 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.

If you take into consideration that the average person may only watch around eight hours of television a day, a new plasma television should last up to twenty years assuming that manufacturers specifications are correct.

Those figures are a far cry from those early versions of plasma technology which were neither economically efficient or environmentally friendly. As well as running quite hot, the viewer would be hard pressed to hear the TV over the noisy cooling fans.

So, with the perceived problem of longevity put to bed, consumers can now justify the added expense of purchasing a Plasma TV without wondering if the television will still be working a year down the line. These televisions provide a clearer image which makes this investment a sound one for a person's television viewing pleasure. Purchasing a plasma screen TV will be a good choice for all concerned.

When the pricing is considered first before the lifespan, the majority of people will not take the time to investigate further. However, should a person consider the average plasma television life span, and not be the type to watch more than a couple hours a night, they will tend to take their checkbooks or credit cards out and purchase one as soon as they can afford it.

Not only is the average plasma television life span impressive, think about the picture that a person receives. Due to the advancements in technology, and the fact that newer models do not run quite as hot, the picture is clear and crisp. The tiny fly in the film is just as pronounced as the claimed plasma life span.

Prices for these amazing new televisions can seem to be a little high, to say the least. However, when time is taken to consider the pros of purchase, a person will tend to choose to purchase the plasma television and consider it a good investment.

For people who like to simply watch a film every now and again, or the news while they are getting ready for work or bed, a plasma television will be a wise investment and long lasting. With a plasma TV lifespan lasting up to ten years for a model that is used for eighty hours a week or less, they will be able to justify their purchase.

Models can be hung on walls, or set on special stands that are built for plasma televisions. The fact that they are space saving is sometimes used to justify the purchase, but when the plasma television lifespan is thrown in, others will see the justification as well.

Plasma TV lifespan is a serious consideration when deciding on whether or not to purchase a plasma television set. Adding in the sharp picture into the long life span will help you determine if a plasma television set is a great investment for your home entertainment needs.