Plasma Television Entertainment Center

If you want a rich, complete home entertainment center, adding components to your existing plasma television will do the trick. There are many available for your needs and one is sure to be perfect. Choose from DVD players, recorders, stereo equipment and more to enhance your television viewing experience.

Plasma televisions, being the high end equipment that they are, often require extras to enjoy them properly. Some units are not even sold with speakers, making even the speakers customizable options. Of course, if you are looking for a simple, basic, all in one, cheap package, you are not going to see the point of a plasma television in the first place.

Plasma televisions, and their components, are currently aimed at the high end entertainment crowd. Like early CD players, they are not really made for off the shelf usage.

After you buy your plasma television, you will need to mount it or buy a mount for it. Then you will need to connect speakers. The standard surround sound speaker set up is at least five speakers.

If you want HDTV, you will have to see if your plasma television is HDTV ready, HDTV compatible or regular. If your plasma television is HDTV ready, then you can plug your HDTV receiver into it directly. If it is only compatible, then you will need an extra box, at extra cost, to make it ready for HDTV. If you did not ask at the store, you probably got a regular plasma television.

Even if HDTV is not in the picture, you will still need a way to get a picture into your television. This means either your cable or satellite receiver box. Now you can watch television, see and hear it. But what if you want to do more than watch television? Then you need more components.

If you do not have a VCR or a DVD player, I am surprised. A few people do without them, but most people enjoy movies. If you have the option, TiVo is a great additional service, and an additional component, to add to your system.

Have we mentioned games yet? Your plasma television, depending on the model, might not only be compatible with console games, but it might be compatible with your computer. Imagine a 60 inch computer monitor. With better resolution than your laptop, your computer games will come to life in stunning color.

Okay, so at this point we are up to your plasma television monitor, five speakers, HDTV receiver, cable box, TiVo, VCR, DVD player, Playstation, Gamecube, a laptop, a mouse, gerbil, 6 remotes, 2 power strips and enough wires to bungee jump off the Empire State Building. You might also want to consider a piece of furniture to hold it all!

Plasma televisions are compatible with almost any components that you already have crowded into your entertainment unit. Unfortunately, the most compact these other units have gotten is the VCR/DVD combination.

So even though your television can now hang like a picture, you still need to find places for everything else.