Hitachi HDTV - Hitachi HDTV Reviews

Hitachi consistently makes it into the top five for all HDTV manufacturers and with good reason. Hitachi HDTV are quality products with excellent pictures.

In the LCD Hitachi HDTV type, they wisely keep to the smaller sizes with flat panel models ranging from 26 inch to 37 inch. All signal types are supported from 480i, 480p to 720p, 1080i and 1080p with their 'VirtualHD' video processor.

Even the smaller end 26 inch 26HDL52 Hitachi HDTV offers a 768p resolution and the ability to reproduce over a billion colors. Far more than the human eye can distinguish, anyway.

Some models, such as the 32 inch 32HLX61, offer a USB connector, allowing for the display of digital photos. Others, including the 32HLX61, offer High Definition Multimedia Interface or HDMI and component video ports. That is important if you want to get the best quality picture out of your DVD. Using S-video, for example, will result in less picture quality reproduction than the system is capable of.

All model Hitachi HDTV's come with the company's excellent warranty, in this case 2 year parts and labor with in home service.

Hitachi makes only two sizes in the plasma type, 42 inch and 55 inch but all are quality sets. All are in the thin panel 4 inch style, suitable for wall mounting. There are real differences, though, even among sets of the same size.

The 55 inch 55HDS69, for example, houses Hitachi's Picture III video processor while the 55HDX62 uses the VirtualHD 1080p II.

More than just a techno geek's difference, the VirtualHD analyzes and smooths film frames as they are delivered to the set. The result is a crystal clear image with no motion blur. While the 55HDS69 is still a great set, it supports only the 1080i signal, which is not the highest possible quality.

The 55 inch 5HDS52 Hitachi HDTV offers a USB 'Photo File Viewer' connector for viewing digital photos on the large flat panel and uses the VirtualHD processor, as well. Unusual for such a large set, it also offers an optional swivel stand.

Hitachi HDTV models in the 42 inch size offer essentially the same range of choices in connectors, video processor and so forth. The smaller, though hardly small, screen size offers the same visual quality with the main differences being weight, size and of course, price.

Several models offer CableCard, a PC type card that fits in a slot in the back of the set. In theory, and often in practice, it can eliminate the need for a separate cable box. Not all features such as TV on demand are always supported and the card is not compatible with all cable systems. Check with your area's provider before spending the extra money.

On board audio is good and comes in either a 36 watt 3 way or 40 watt 2 way option, but it will not satisfy audiophiles. Fortunately, all models offer audio connectors that enable integration with a stereo or home theater system.

Warranties on some of the plasma Hitachi HDTV sets is lower, at one year parts and labor. Be sure to check the details of the particular model you are considering.