How to Hook Up a Plasma TV - Connect Plasma TV

So you have got your new Plasma Television but how do you connect Plasma TV to your existing components such as your VCR, DVD Player and stereo equipment. Fortunately, the plasma screen television sets that are made today are more often than not compatible with most existing components you may already have. VCR's, DVD players and stereo equipment will generally work without a hitch on your new plasma television set.

The next question is will your new plasma television work with your old stuff. The answer is probably! Will you be able to hook your old stuff to your new plasma television. That is a maybe. It really all depends on the equipment that you have and how it hooks together.

The most complicated part of any entertainment system hook-up is surround sound speakers which you either love or hate. However, if you have them, then you either need a plasma television equipped for surround sound or a special surround sound router.

The best way to find out if your plasma television is equipped for surround sound is to look on the back of the television to see if there are any places to hook wires in directly. If not, you will need a router. You may already have one, but if not, just go to Radio Shack and act helpless.

Aside from the speaker hook-ups, most televisions are equipped with multiple inputs, but not all of those inputs are the same. Your best bet is to take the wires with you and match them to the back of the plasma television that you are looking at. Yes, it seems dumb that some televisions are on the market without the ability to plug into your cable television cable, but it happens. If you miss a cord, do not panic. There are devices that allow you to translate one cord into another. However, this is extra cost that you do not need. Just buy the television that works with your stuff.

If you do end up needing an adaptor, just get the largest one available and route all of your devices thru it. That way you can make certain that you are actually hooking everything up correctly. It is easy to get the cable box, the game console and the VCR in a loop that does not include the plasma television. And once you add your computer, digital camera and camcorder to the resulting chaos of cables, you will never find the right cord again.

Perhaps the most surprising thing to people when they get their new plasma televisions home is the wide variety of component hook-ups that are offered on the back of plasma televisions. The only way to know for certain is to look physically on the back of the plasma television. What ever you do, never take a salesman's word for it as they have probably never thought to look themselves.

When buying a new plasma television, it is not whether your old component will work with the new television, but whether the old component can connect to any new television! Check carefully that you will have adequate and appropriate places to plug in your old toys on your new beauty.