Computers And The Internet

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is now found in most of the newest models of cellular phones, virtually all handheld computers and PDAs, many models of laptop computers, some models of printers and virtually all types of wireless cell phone headsets. These are just a few of the current electronic devices that incorporate the technology and more products are being introduced all the time… Read More

Computer Security

It can be extremely frustrating to be in the middle of a program and suddenly the entire program freeze up. It may be that your computer is running slower than normal. You may need to consider that your computer has spyware somewhere in the file directories. Many websites and downloads attach computer spyware programs to monitor your activities. Some are not malicious and simply want to customize pop-up ads to your individual browsing history. But there are spyware programs that can cause huge system errors and access vital information that you store on your computer … Read More

Streaming Video

Streaming video is similar in concept to broadcasting. Radio or TV broadcasts work by sending out an audio or video signal from a central broadcast tower or cable company and anyone with a TV or radio receiver can enjoy that broadcast. Click a button on your computer and you can hear music or watch videos that start playing almost immediately. The wizardry behind this delivery system is called streaming and can be applied to both video and audio media content… Read More