Coby DVD298 Region Free DVD Player

The Coby DVD298 is a progressive scan Region Free DVD player that is PAL and NTSC compatible. The built in PAL to NTSC Video Converter, allows playback of any DVD from anywhere in the world on to a US or Canadian NTSC Television.

A few simple button presses on the remote handset is all it takes to unlock the DVD298 and make it region free. The player can be used in any country around the world since it also has auto voltage sensing meaning that it can be run from any mains voltage supply between AC 100 volts through to AC 240 volts.

As well as offering all the basic features you would expect from a DVD player, the DVD-298 also features HDMI output and 1080p up conversion. With these features, standard DVD video is up converted to near HD (high definition) quality to maximise your viewing pleasure.

In addition to DVD discs, the ultra slim Coby DVD-298 also allows you to play DivX digital video and access your digital media directly from USB drives and SD/MMC cards.

Dolby Digital audio provides a vibrant range of sound, while several AV outputs allow for quick and simple connection to your home theater system.

There are also a variety of customizable functions such as camera angle, picture zoom, and parental control.

Key Features

  • Region Free DVD Player with integral PAL to NTSC Video Converter
  • AC 100 to 240 Volt 50 or 60 Hz automatic voltage sensing for Worldwide use.
  • Progressive Scan
  • HDMI output for perfect digital signal transmission to home theater systems over a single cable
  • Digital and analog AV outputs for home theater use
  • Upconverts DVD video to near HD quality (1080p) for use with Full HD capable TVs
  • DVD, DVD±R/RW, CD, CD-R/RW, and JPEG compatible
  • Official DivX certified product plays all versions of DivX video, including DivX 6, with standard playback of DivX media files
  • Plays digital media files directly from USB drives and SD/MMC cards
  • Camera angle support
  • Parental Lock Control

How to convert your Coby DVD298
into a Region Free DVD Player

  1. Power Up the unit with NO Disc in the tray.
  2. Press the 9 button on your remote control
  3. Press the 7 button on your remote control
  4. Press the 3 button on your remote control
  5. Press the 5 button on your remote control
  6. The Region Code Menu appears on television screen
  7. Press the RIGHT Arrow button.
  8. Press the UP or DOWN arrow key on your remote control to select the region. Choose 0 to set the player to Region Free
  9. Press Enter and Setup to exit
  10. NOTE - Choosing 0 in the above sequence represents the Region Code 0 - Region Free. If you want to set to a specific region, just choose from the list on screen.
  • 1 USA, US Territories and Canada
  • 2 Europe, Japan, South Africa
  • 3 Southeast Asia
  • 4 Latin America, Australia, New Zealand
  • 5 Russia, Rest of Asia and Africa
  • 6 China
  • 0, 255, 9 Region Free or Multi Region