Understanding Bluetooth Profiles

Bluetooth profiles are the electrical components required to operate and work with other equipment. There are thirty-three different profiles, all of which can work with each other to control various pieces of electronic equipment. Bluetooth profiles are merely signals used by certain pieces of equipment to make it work and work with other pieces. Having this technology in your home will make watching a movie or sending a fax or e-mail much more enjoyable and accessible. Being able to multitask and work on different projects at the same time plus having the ability to communicate quickly is how folks who work from home get things done.

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile or A2DP is used when installing sound equipment. Wireless headsets, stereo systems, speakers, and car amplifies are all controlled under this profile. Profiles are a way to keep frequencies separate. If not, then one system would control another, which would result in chaos. A2DP also controls options like surround sound on an entertainment unit. This is an important profile because sound is so important in all of our lives lives.

The Audio/Video Distribution Transport Protocol or AVRCP is the profile that remote controls work from. One remote can be used for all audio/video equipment in the home or office. This includes volume control, which works with the sound profile. These profiles work together to provide television and music at the touch of a button. The remote also controls television channels, radio channels, programming DVD players and CD players. From the comfort of your easy chair, you are able to control all equipment using one remote handset.

A Basic Imaging Profile is used mainly for the sending and receiving of images. This means being able to take a picture on a cell phone, downloading it onto a computer, and then displaying it on a television set. This is great for analyzing a picture or to share it with friends and family. Taking a picture on a cell phone and sending it to one’s home computer is a great way to save a picture without using all the cell phone’s memory. Being able to transport pictures through different devices is fun. Watching movies can be done on a cell phone, computer, and television.

Other Bluetooth profiles are used for the home office. Profiles that work with printers, faxes, e-mail, and other devices are all useful. Printing from your cell phone saves time. If email comes through and it needs to be printed, the message can be forwarded to the printer using Bluetooth. Other uses for this technology include business presentation. Laser pointers, overhead projectors, and other computer programs can all be controlled from a central remote that is wireless. Without the wires, presentations can be given almost anywhere which is not only convenient but could also save money on audio/visual equipment.

Bluetooth technology works on secure networks. This is one reason why profiles exist. Keeping categories separate maintains user privacy and sets up security checkpoints in case somebody is trying to access information they should not be looking at. This is a concern for those who are willing to use the technology, but are weary of sending confidential information over the radio frequencies. By using profiles, the network is broken up like a puzzle. Only when a person has all the pieces can they put a picture together. Security is a serious matter and one that is dealt with everyday.

Profiles come with the equipment. It is important to understand the different types of Bluetooth profiles because one may be needed by another to be successful. A remote is not of any use if it cannot control the volume and sound quality. Making sure the profiles will work together is essential. In the office, having different profiles enables communication to take place at a much faster rate than previously. Pictures, faxes, e-mail, and other means of communication can only be improved using Bluetooth technology.