Problems with Bluetooth Technology

It is an inevitable fact that the more advances that is made in the world of technology, the more problems that are likely to pop up when you least expect them. Bluetooth wireless technology is not immune from any issues although, for the most part, connectivity and security problems have been largely overcome. However, some problems with Bluetooth, such as profile mismatches and pairing, do crop up in certain circumstances.

Bluetooth Profile Mismatch

If you want two Bluetooth enabled devices to work together, they need to have the same profile. This is in reality a lot simpler than it sounds, and for the most part, profiles will match if the two devices are related to each other. For instance, if you wanted to connect a mobile phone to a headset, then you would need to have the same profile in both devices. In this case, the hands free profile would be required. If there is something on your mobile phone that you need to print off, both the phone and the printer will need the basic printing profile. Although it rarely happens that you find related equipment that do not have matching profiles, it is something you should be aware of all the same.

Bluetooth Pairing Issues

For Bluetooth devices to connect to each other so they can work together, they need to be paired. Pairing or bonding means that the two devices are exchanging their passwords or passkeys. Once paired, all of the data that is sent between the two devices is encrypted, meaning that any device that is not paired with the other two is unable to translate the data. However, there are occasions when pairing is not necessary, such as exchanging business cards. Fortunately, there is a setting on most devices to lower the security for these lower grade transfers.

Device Cannot Be Found

Staying with pairing, another error message that you may come across is that devices “cannot be found”. This is normally because the device you are trying to connect to either is off, or is not in “discoverable mode”. To solve this issue, you simply need to turn the device you are trying to connect to on, or switch it into discoverable mode. If you are scared that someone will hack into your device, you can always turn it back to non-discoverable mode after you are finished. However, Bluetooth technology is quite robust as far as security is concerned, so you should not have too much to be concerned about.

Pairing Unsuccessful

A common error message that you may encounter is the “pairing unsuccessful” message. This means that the two devices attempted to pair but failed to do so. The most frequent reason for this is that somebody is using the wrong password or PIN. If you are sure that you are using the proper PIN and password, then you should try to first power down the devices and then power them up. That usually solves the problems with Bluetooth pairing.

Paired But Not Talking

Another issue that you may come up against is when the devices pair successfully, but still do not want to work together. The main reason you will see this happen is that the devices do not share the same profile. The easiest way to figure out if they do both have the same profile is to look in the manual that came with the device, as it depends on the manufacturer. Sometimes it is just a matter of finding the right commands to connect, and the only way to figure that out is to look in the manual, as this will vary from device to device.

As the technology continues to advance, more problems with Bluetooth are bound to pop up. However, the most common ones are under control, and are very easy to deal with. If you need to trouble shoot your device, just figure out what is going wrong, whether it deals with the profiles, the pairing, or the security, and work from there. If all else fails, you can always find support online.