What is Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology has changed how cell phone users communicate. Those distinctive ear pieces are not just an accessory. It allows cellular users to talk using a hands-free device. But there is probably more to Bluetooth technology than you might realize. For example, did you know that at one time Bluetooth technology was considered for wireless Internet instead of Wi-Fi?

Many states are considering passing laws requiring all cell phone users to use hands-free devices while driving so to reduce the amount of distractions from trying to drive and talk at the same time.

So, what is bluetooth technology and how does it work.

How does Bluetooth Technology Work

Bluetooth technology works in the same manner as your laptop does when you are utilizing wireless internet. A signal is transmitted and then received by the other device. The signal is sent in packets of information. The signal is recognized by what is termed "protocols." Most devices utilize at least one set of standard protocols to allow other devices, not of the same manufacturer, to communicate. There are some however that do not use the same protocols so there can be problems when the Bluetooth device tries to communicate.

What providers offer Bluetooth Technology services on their phones

A cell phone provider is not the one that ensures that the phone has Bluetooth capabilities. It is not an added feature like a data plan or text messaging. Bluetooth technology comes from the actual device itself. If you want to be able to use a hands-free device you must check the features on each individual phone model.

Can Bluetooth Technology be used for anything besides making phone calls

Bluetooth technology has many different uses. You can send ring tones to another phone, or you can send any type of information. The technology is very similar to that of wireless internet service.

What is Enhanced Data Rate

Bluetooth technology has seen many changes since it first debuted in 1998. The technology world has evolved and so too has Bluetooth. Everyone wants to be able to send data faster. It does not matter if it is on a cell phone or a computer. Faster is better. Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR allow users to utilize more than one device, faster, all at one time.

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