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Most folks know by now that in order to share information between one computer and another, it is necessary to connect them together in some way. Those connections and the computers that are part of them form a network. Creating a home computer network in your own house is relatively simple provided you understand the basic concepts behind such a system.

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You have a choice of either a cordless phone or a standard telephone, both of which have great must have features. A cordless telephone will always win the comparison because of its mobility but then there are a couple of different technologies at play, which you may not be aware of. Cordless phones send your voice in an either analog or digital format through a designated radio frequency, to another phone. The main differences in the two are how your voice is converted and through what frequency it is sent. Read on to discover the differences between the two technologies and how to decide which technology is best for you

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Although you may not be aware of it, the majority of mobile phones these days are actually Bluetooth phones. However, you may be wondering what Bluetooth is and what, if anything, it has to do with you. Bluetooth allows compatible devices to share both voice and data communications through an ultra low power radio signal within a range of about thirty feet. The technology is not limited to simply voice and data exchange. A couple other features may just have you looking at your cell phone in a completely new way – features that allow you hands-free and wire-free connection.

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Have you ever had the feeling that somebody might be listening in on your telephone conversations or have you ever been surprised and concerned that a neighbor somehow knew something about you that you have never publicly divulged? It could be that somebody is listening in on your cordless phone system and cell phone conversations. Those technologies can be particularly susceptible to eavesdroppers. Radio scanners can allow others to easily listen in on analog phones and some cell phones. A digital cordless phone may be the answer to your questions and concerns since they not only provide the privacy and security you require, but come with a cool list and very useful features.

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