Which Is Better – LCD or Plasma

Before making any final HDTV buying decisions, it is essential that you understand the difference between plasma and LCD displays. Outwardly, both LCD and Plasma are flat and thin although they use different technologies to deliver the same results.

As LCD televisions begin to push into the plasma television market, consumers should be aware of the differences in order to purchase the correct product for their personal preferences.

LCD technology has been dogged with problems, which has meant that display sizes have been restricted when compared with plasma television.

The breakdown has been LCD up to and including 32 inches, with plasma television used for anything bigger. With affordable prices on LCD televisions in the 37-inch bracket, the dominant plasma market is being challenged. It won’t be too much longer before larger LCD displays in the 40 to 46 inch size range will be within the price range of the average consumer.

Which is better - LCD or Plasma

With two different technologies being pitched to the average customer, the choice between LCD and plasma is likely to be a little confusing to some. Instead of just walking into a home electronics store to select a new 42 inch television, we will not only be faced with a choice of different brands, but also a choice of different technologies.

To add to the confusion, hardware manufacturers such as Panasonic have taken it on themselves to decide which is the best technology, by not producing LCD televisions above a 32-inch display size. Pioneer, meanwhile, is so passionate about plasma that they have not even announced plans to make any LCD TVs at all.

For whatever reason, the general opinion amongst consumers seems to be that LCD television is the future while plasma is yesterday’s technology.

Even though it may appear, that plasma is not as ‘trendy’ as it once was, it would be a mistake to discount altogether. While LCD might have the edge over plasma in making high definition look dazzlingly bright and sharp, in many other equally important but less showy performance areas plasma television can still show up young LCD in a few areas.

At the end of the day, just because everybody else is buying LCD, don’t just follow the crowd for the sake of it, and give both plasma and LCD a fair chance when it comes to buying your new high definition TV. Ultimately, the rivalry between plasma and LCD is only going to increase in the future as larger displays come onto the market.

When all is said and done, it is you as the consumer that needs to take onboard the different sizes and prices you are willing to pay and base your buying decision on what features you really need.

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