Advantages of a Digital Cordless Phone

Have you ever had the feeling that somebody might be listening in on your telephone conversations or have you ever been surprised and concerned that a neighbor somehow knew something about you that you have never publicly divulged? It could be that somebody is listening in on your cordless phone system and cell phone conversations. Those technologies can be particularly susceptible to eavesdroppers. Radio scanners can allow others to easily listen in on analog phones and some cell phones. A digital cordless phone may be the answer to your questions and concerns since they not only provide the privacy and security you require, but come with a cool list and very useful features.

A digital cordless phone is a heavyweight when it comes to security, features and functionality. In fact, they have all but pushed analogue models off the market. They provide better audio quality and encrypt your conversation, which particularly important if you use your credit card over the phone. Eavesdropping is virtually a non-issue, unless somebody has access to a high-tech scanner such as those used by the military or government. Digital technology encrypts your voice messages, scrambling them into basic computer speak, which makes it almost impossible for people to listen in on your calls.

Stronger, clearer frequencies mean less interference and better voice quality, and wide bandwidths mean you can be as far as a mile from the base unit. While manufacturers are reluctant to specify exact ranges, they claim that digital cordless phones have a range four to seven times greater than the five hundred foot range of standard analog cordless phones. Panasonic and Casio say their models provide a range of up to four thousand feet under optimum conditions. Although variables such as metal buildings can affect reception, the 900 MHz frequency is not affected by computers, microwaves or other electronic equipment.

Some of the fun features of these phones include built-in answering machines with remote message pickup from the handset, call waiting, caller ID and two-way paging. In addition, many models have speakerphones built into the base that allow users to send and receive calls if the handset is elsewhere. Other options that may make you wonder how you managed without them include distinctive ring tones, a dual battery system, keypad on the handset and the base unit, two-way paging, improved life of cordless phone batteries, and walkie talkie functionality. You can even sync Bluetooth phones with your digital phone through wireless broadband data transfers.

Now is the time to ask yourself, would you rather wonder if someone is listening to your sensitive business and personal calls, or would you rather have the peace of mind a digital cordless phone can bring? When you go digital and buy cordless, you get signal encryption, superior voice quality, and very useful and handy features. Ultimately, you cannot really go wrong by switching from analog to digital technology.