Best 42 Plasma TV to Suit Everyone

You have probably, at one time or another, fallen into a stereotype. Men are accused of always needing the latest technology and owning the biggest television within their group of friends. Women are accused of always wanting to shop. Neither one are always true. Women like a good television as much as a man does. Not every man has to have a huge television set dominating their living area. The best 42 plasma TV may be big enough to suit everyone.

LCD and plasma flat screen televisions are the new "thing" in television viewing technology. They come in a variety of sizes ranging from a 42 inch plasma television and on upwards to around 50 plasma. The size you need is really based on the size you want. Your friend may have a new big screen TV, but that does not mean he or she has the best picture. Big screen televisions often have pictures that are distorted and faded. To top that off, the big screen TV’s are also incredibly bulky, heavy and take up a huge amount of living area.

With a LCD or plasma television, you will not face the space issue. Most models are now designed to be able to hang from a wall. It does take a special mounting kit, mounting brackets on the wall and a knowledge of where your support studs are located in the walls, but it will save a huge amount of space. If you are going to mount your flat screen television on a wall, then please make sure you do it properly. It would be a real tragedy to have it fall to the ground and break due to faulty installation.

Do not let your new 42" plasma or LCD television go to waste by keeping the same cable or satellite package you had before. You should take advantage of that crisp picture quality by switching to an HDTV package. You will be amazed at the difference between the old picture and the new picture. You can always take it a step farther by purchasing home theater equipment to give you that movie-like sound quality.

You will be the envy of all your friends and family when they check out your television package. Forget the stereotypes and go with what will make you happy. If a 42" plasma is not big enough, then you can always find a plasma television 50 inch. You will pay more, but it may be well worth it to have the larger TV. Whatever size you decide on, you will be happy that you finally switched to a plasma or LCD TV.