History of Flat Screen TV

Believe it or not, the history of flat screen TV started way back in 1964 by scientists at the University of Illinois. They were the first ones to discover plasma technology. They wanted a different flat screen monitor that had a better picture quality. Monitors at that time were just television sets used with the main computer with a picture that was not very good. Just think about the huge innovations that have occurred in flat screen tv since that time.

A flat screen TV has many great factors that give it a supreme edge over the bulkier cathode ray televisions of the past. Besides a sharper image and better sound quality, there is also the fact that they are very slim and in some cases much lighter. If you compare prices from today’s plasma and LCD televisions, then you will find that the prices are very affordable considering the technology you are receiving.

You have probably noticed that flat screen monitors have been around for quite some time. The laptop would not have been a viable and streamlined monitor had it not been flat. Flat screen monitor’s first run of production were still quite heavy, but instead of a rounded screen, a flat screen was inserted. From there it became the goal of designers and engineers to have a monitor that was not as heavy, nor as bulky.

Television has come so far from its humble beginnings. It was a novelty to possess something that could transmit a program from the other side of the country. Sure the image was grainy and in black and white, but it was still an item that only the wealthy possessed. Eventually it became more affordable. The television evolved into color and bigger screen sizes. Then it became much larger; as tall as the average woman. Too bad the image was distorted and lost its vibrant colors. LCD and plasma solved those dilemmas by changing from a cathode-ray to the use of plasma.

If you are waiting for the price to fall before you make that flat screen TV purchase, then now is a great time. Many retail stores have sales that reduce the price down to as little as $600. The bigger sets will of course cost you more and depending on what options you choose in your set, the price can skyrocket to around $7000. Yes, that is quite a bit to plunk down for a television, unless you have a large amount of extra cash.